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6 earth-conscious celebs who kick butt

Happy Earth Day, cuties! And although this day comes only once a year, its goal should be supported all year-round. To help get you in the green mood, and start thinking about how YOU can help save the planet, check out these do-gooder celebs who’ve been using their Hollywood status to protect good ol’ Mama Earth.


Sophia Bush

The One Tree Hill sweetie is a big fan of The Nature Conservancy. Sophia not believes that it is truly important to protect the habitats animals in our world need to survive, but also the plants and trees that everyone needs. She even asked all of her fans to donate to this foundation. In addition, to show that she was giving her full-hearted support, Sophia ran the 5k in the 2011 San Francisco Marathon to raise money and awareness for this foundation. Awesome!


Ian Somerhalder

He created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which works to educate the world on how to help the planet. Ian’s foundation also works on projects that support the positive treatment of Earth’s environment and animals. By working both alone and alongside other earth-friendly companies, the IS Foundation does its best to help our planet.


Hayden Panettiere

This girl will do absolutely anything to protect those she cares about. In this case, we’re talking about whales! Hayden loves them so much, she’s traveled the world in protest of whale cruelty, and actively supports the Save The Whales foundation. This foundation serves to alert people about animals that live in the water and how to preserve their environment and lifestyle.


Cameron Diaz

As an actress who has been in the Hollywood scene for quite some time, Cameron has learned to use her stardom for the good of the world. She supports many foundations and causes. One of them? Green Treks, which works to show people all over the world, using TV and other media forms. the environmental problems that are currently happening. Not only that, but these productions also showcase possible solutions to environmental problems. Cool, right?


Leonardo DiCaprio

He is good-looking, an awesome actor and has created his own foundation called the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Whelp, that’s easy enough to remember! This foundation’s main purpose? To make sure the future of the earth is a good one. Leo’s foundation’s goal is to use the power of social media, campaigns and powerful people to influence the general public in helping their communities and, in turn, helping out the world as a whole. Yep, if it’s even possible, that Leo’s gone up a notch in our list of faves.



Not only does she have an incredible singing voice, but Pink has a very strong activist voice, too. She supports many foundations that act to stop animal cruelty. Along with those foundations, she also supports Greenpeace, which aims to identify the world’s most important and hard-hitting environmental problems, then showcasing them to the world in hopes people will take action. Will you join?


Which earth-conscious celeb do you look up to most? How do you get involved and help the environment? Blog about it, babes.

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by Rachael Ellenbogen | 2/1/2016