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Cody Simpson melts our hearts with long-awaited album Paradise

After having performed on Ellen, So Random, and many other TV shows, and being voted one of Us Weekly’s 100 Cutest Guys, Cody Simpson has set himself up with quite the list of impressive achievements. Now that he’s done touring with Big Time Rush, he’s prepping for a few upcoming shows with Justin Bieber on his “Believe Tour.” But that’s not all. Cody is set to have his own full-scale North American tour in February 2013, and we just can’t wait!


We were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy of Cody’s new album Paradise, set to release this Tuesday, Oct. 2. Read on to get a sneak peek at the Aussie cutie’s new CD...


The album’s first and title track “Paradise” introduces the sound of the album really well, with fun and laid-back lyrics. The song puts us in a great mood, with a beat that you can’t help but drum along to. We already love what we hear, and it’s only the first song!


We also really like “Got Me Good,” which is super cute and catchy. Cody croons sweetly to a lucky chica about how much he loves her, kindly telling her, “Even when you wake up without any makeup, I’m in love.” We love how he adores her au natural, the way every guy should feel about his girl!


“Wish U Were Here” (ft. Becky G) is more synthesized than most of the other tracks on Paradise, making it a definite song to dance to with your friends. But Cody stays true to his romantic side, saying things like, “Living without you is a no-no,” and “bright lights…can’t compare to the light from you.” Becky G comes in with a funky rap, quipping right back to Cody, “It’s been too long since I’ve looked into your eyes.” Aww!


“I Love Girls” is also a fun tune. The song is about just that—how much Cody Simpson loves girls. Maybe it’s because we’re girls, but we couldn’t help but swoon while listening to this track. So far, Cody is staying solid throughout the album, and this song makes us want to get out on the dance floor!


The last track, “Gentleman,” is a slightly slower ballad-type track about comforting the girl he loves. The beat is provided by a beautiful-sounding acoustic guitar…perhaps it’s Cody playing? It feels as if we could be at a beach bonfire listening to this catchy jam, loaded with lyrics like, “Can I be your gentleman?” Um, sure you can, Cody!


Paradise has got a little bit of everything. Cody perfectly infuses his laid-back Australian outlook on life into every song. And he takes the opportunity to experiment with different sounds and instruments, which only adds to the true versatility of his talent. From guitar, to heavy pop beats, Cody’s voice shines like a beacon over any background to capture our attention.


Can’t get enough of Cody? Make sure to get his album when it comes out Oct. 2. And watch his music video for “Wish U Were Here” right now…


Are you a Cody Simpson fan? What track are you most excited for? Blog about it, babes.

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by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016
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