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No lie, we're ready for The Lying Game. Here's why!

After ABC Family’s The Lying Game came to a shocking conclusion in their debut season, everyone at GL has been dying for season 2 to start! Luckily for all you Lying Game fanatics, it’s happening tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


With so many secrets and mysteries to be revealed, this season pretty much guarantees as much drama, lies and romance as last (we hope even more!). But before we get too pumped up about our new fave show hitting the small screen again, there are some stitches hanging over from last season we’d love to see get cleared up now! Do you agree?


Will Laurel’s band make it big?

After Mercer's little sis, Laurel, broke up with her snake-y blonde BF Justin, she’s been better than ever! We heart her spunky, funky, folklore band (that totally reminds us of Lady Antebellum). While the singers didn’t make it to Coachella in season 1 due to road trip glitches, we’d like to see this gang go big in season 2. What if Laurel were to become the next T-Swift of Phoenix?!


What exactly are the lying games?

In season 1, tiny bits and pieces of how the lying games worked were slowly revealed, but we are sitting here with question marks over our heads! Why did Sutton like playing lying games? What was the point of them? Will they come back to haunt her in her future? We need the itty bitty, fine-line details.


Will some cuties finally go official?

Talk about love triangles! All we can say is the ultimate “UGH!” In season 1, we watched as perf couple Emma and Ethan fell in love…and then broke up. Now, Sutton is all over Ethan and it seems like Thayer and Emma are startin’ something. Thayer always had a crush on Sutton, Sutton always had a crush on Ethan (who broke the cardinal rule: dating his way through twin sisters!), and the only guy Emma ever had eyes for? Ethan! Can Ethan and Emma and Sutton and Thayer just go official and stay that way? Thankyouverymuch.


When is everyone gonna find out about Sutton and Emma?

The beans have been spilled to Sutton and Emma’s closest friends about their twin-ship and quest to find their true parents, but when will everyone else on the show finally see there are two girls living one girl’s life?


What are Sutton and Rebecca planning?

No Lying Game lover was more shocked when, in the final seconds of season 1, Rebecca smiled down at Sutton and said, “Everything was going according to plan.” WHAT?! We want the details on that little secret, stat!


Will you be tuning in to The Lying Game’s season 2 premiere on ABC Family tonight? What do you wanna see happen? Share in the comments below!

by Annie Robinson | 2/1/2016
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