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10 flicks to watch with Mom

Mother’s Day is almost here! Have you decided what you’re gonna do for Mom? Sometimes one of the best things to do with your mama is to just chill out. Check out this list of flicks we heart watching with our own mothers…and know you will enjoy doing the same.



Which flick do you love watching with your mom? Share in the comments below.
  • 1incredibles.jpg
    The Incredibles
    We dig this movie because it makes us feel so cuddly and warm inside! Plus, your younger sibs can watch it, too—and they actually won’t complain that they’re bored. What’s not to love about an awesome family that fights crime together? A family that saves the world together and stays together, right?
  • 2soundofmusic.jpg
    The Sound of Music
    Your mom has prob been watching this flick since she was your age! Not only is it a great movie, but the songs are amazing, too. You both will be singing “My Favorite Things” for the rest of the week—promise.
  • 3nannymcphee.jpg
    Nanny McPhee
    This movie is sweet because the children ultimately receive the motherly love they’ve been wanting—from the least expected place. Their strict governess proves to be a wonderful motherly figure because she keeps them in line and nurtures them.
  • 4secretlifebees.jpg
    The Secret Life of Bees
    After a horrible accident causes her mother to die, Lily is left with her abusive father at an early age and feels very alone. She runs away from home, trying to learn more about her mother from the Boatwright sisters, soon realizing she gained several mothers during her stay. This movie celebrates how awesome women are!
  • 5bigfatgreek.jpg
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    You know your family does annoying stuff, we don’t have to tell you that. But what you should remember is that they do it completely out of love. This flick is a funny reminder of how quirky a family can be…and how much more fun it is that way.
  • 6cheaperbydozen.jpg
    Cheaper by the Dozen
    Another fun family flick! Can you imagine having 11 brothers and sisters? That might sound like the worst punishment in the world to you, but trust us, you’ll wish you had that many by the end of this film. (Well, almost that many.)
  • 7forrestgump.jpg
    Forrest Gump
    This movie is about a man whose IQ is a little bit below average, but accomplishes things that even a genius couldn’t do, like run across the country without training. He finds his one true love, Jenny, when he’s a little boy, and throughout the movie, he continuously tries to get her back. Watch this to find out if he can ultimately keep her.
  • 8hairspray.jpg
    We heart this musical movie set in the ’60s. The songs are so catchy that you won’t be able to get them out of your head. Plus, John Travolta plays the mother in this movie—yes, the same guy who played Danny Zucko in Grease.
  • 9titanic.jpg
    You know your dad and bro probably don’t wanna watch this movie because it’s pretty much a chick flick. So what better way to bond solo with Mom while watching this. It’s so romantic and intense—you’ll be on the edge of your seat!
  • 10benbutton.jpg
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    This movie is about a man who is born old and ages backwards (he gets younger throughout the film). He ends up falling in love with a girl, but she ages normally. What will they do when their ages become too far apart? How will they make their love last? You and Mom will have to find out together.


by Nicole Altmark | 2/1/2016