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6 reasons "Best Song Ever" is the best music vid ever


Our fave British boy band is back at it! One Direction’s doing what they do best, being totes hilarious and amazing in their new music video for “Best Song Ever.” They released the vid this Monday and it already has over 20 millions views! But, we think it's totally justified because “Best Song Ever” actually does have the best music vid ever. Here are six reasons why. 

1. 1D meets The Direction

So the vid starts off as studio execs Harvey (played by Niall) and Jonny (played by Louis) chatting about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Then the heartthrob boyband One Direction walks in for a meeting on their upcoming movie. Jonny says Nial, Liam, Louis, Harry, and calls Zanye Zach. Zayne corrects him and Jonny says, "sure whatever you say big guy" and keeps calling him Zach. Does Zayne always get left out? LOL.

2. The dialogue between the guys and themselves

We won't spoil too much, but the beginning of the vid before they boys start singing the song is, in our opinion, the most hilarious part. Who knew the dudes actually had acting talents in addition to their amazing voices.

3. Harry as the Marketing Guy Marcel

This role was definitely a stretch for cool guy Harry because his character, Marcel, was dressed pretty geeky. But he pulled it out! Seriously, he calls the guys "cute as a button," which is true, but still hilarious hearing it come from him. We can't even imagine a "massive dance number with fireworks" starring 1D. Tickets would be sold out in a sec!

4...speaking of dance, Liam as Leroy the choreographer was pretty funny

OK, Liam saying “5, 6, 7, 8” is repeating in our heads. Leroy was just as over-the-top as many Hollywood choreographers should be ("and Niall for the shimmy, Zayne to pirouette, and Louis to do the splits?" OMG, we're dying just thinking about it!). Just this blip alone is enough to make us want to watch this vid over and over again.

5. The Guys are totally into “Assistant” Zayne

First off it’s hilarious to see Zayne dressed up as a girl! We were definitely ROTFL when we first saw this. And clearly the cuties liked it, too. We spotted them checking him her out.

6. Marcel as a stylist?

Marcel (a.k.a. Harry) shows the British cuties style cards of what they should look like in this movie they’re working on. Every idea is as tacky as the next. Their reactions? Priceless.

Enough with our praises. Let’s cue the “Best Song Ever” right now. Check out the vid in all of it’s hilarity below…

What’s your fave “Best Song Ever” funny moment? Do you agree that this is the best music video ever? Share in the comments below.

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by Deven Feldstein | 2/1/2016
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