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7 life lessons we picked up from this summer's flicks

A ton of awesome movies hit theaters this summer. From action flicks to romantic comedies, we’ve seen it all over the past couple months—so much that we’ve also managed to snag some important pointers. Read on to see what we’re talking about. But be warned: some might come as spoilers if ya haven’t seen ’em yet. 

What lesson did you snag from this summer’s batch of flicks? Share in the comments below.

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  • 1MonstersU.jpg

    Monster’s University

    Life Lesson: Don’t cheat

    When Sulley cheats to improve Mike’s score at the Scare Games, they find themselves trapped in the human world. Basically, as we all know, nothing good ever really comes out of cheating.

  • 2KingsofSummer.jpg

    The Kings of Summer

    Life Lesson: You can’t run away from everything

    When Joe, Patrick and Biaggio decide to run away one summer and build a house in the woods, it’s their dream come true. But they come to realize that leaving your whole life behind isn’t quite as easy as it seems, and some problems need to be faced rather than avoided.

  • 3AfterEarth.jpg

    After Earth

    Life Lesson: Sometimes you have to be brave and take charge

    After an asteroid storm damages Kitai and his father Cypher’s ship, Kitai is forced to take charge in order to save his family. There’s not always going to be someone there to tell you what to do, so it’s important that you know how to be in control sometimes.

  • 4PercyJackson.jpg

    Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

    Life Lesson: It doesn’t matter what other people think

    Even though everyone made fun of Percy for having a Cyclops half-brother, Percy sticks by his bro.

  • 5WayWayBack.jpg

    The Way, Way Back

    Life Lesson: Change can be good

    When Duncan’s basically forced to go on summer vacation with his mom and her boyfriend, he’s not excited at all. It’s not until he gets a job at the Water Wizz that his life begins to take a turn for the better. Hey, if he didn’t take a step out of his comfort zone, he might have never had such an exciting summer.

  • 6DespicableMe2.jpg

    Despicable Me 2

    Life Lesson: Dads will be dads

    Dads always feel protective over their daughters, no matter what. Take Gru, for example. He’s super protective of Margo when she falls for the rebellious boy in town. If you ever feel annoyed with your old man for being over-protective, just remember that it’s just what dads do—they can’t help it!

  • 7TigerEyes.jpg

    Tiger Eyes

    Life Lesson: Sometimes all you need is a friend

    After Davey has to move away from home to live with her aunt and uncle, she realizes being the new girl in school is tough. When she befriends a boy named Wolf, it makes her life a whole lot better. Seriously, it always helps to have someone around to support you.

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by Allie Fick | 2/1/2016
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