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9 reasons you need to watch Cloud 9


The newest Disney Channel Original Movie Cloud 9 is hitting the slope, er, small screen Jan. 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and we couldn’t be more excited. With an uber talented cast and an amazing storyline, this movie is bound to be one of your favorites. 

The flick follows Kayla (Dove Cameron) as she soon realizes that she is only winning snowboarding competitions because of who her father is. Enlisting the help of Will (Luke Benward), a champion snowboarder whose career ended due to an injury, the two must learn to work together and overcome their fears.

We got a chance to catch the movie before it flies to TV and have nine more reasons you need to see it for yourself this Friday.

1. Cutie alert! 

This cast is full of cuties—especially Will who is played by Luke Benward. You may recognize him from Girl Vs. Monster or from his current Ravenswood stint. Will is a true friend and has an amazing personality to match his good looks. The total package if you ask us! 

2. Best buds 

Finding out who your real friends are can be tough, but it’s nice to know that Will’s friends Sam and Dink are there for him no matter what. The two are always supportive and encouraging Will to get back on a snowboard. They’re the type of pals you really need.

3. Cool tricks

As you could guess, there are tons of amazing snowboarding tricks lighting up the screen. They’re so good, they’ll make your jaw drop. From huge jumps to flips, these pros make us want to sign up for a snowboarding lesson ASAP.

4. Kayla’s style

From the moment you see Kayla, you know that her fashion sense is one to watch. From dresses to jeans, she knows how to make a winter-worthy wardrobe adorable. Check out her clothes for inspo on how to make the most of your own closet during this chilly season.

5. Perfect parties

Kayla’s dad owns this amazing resort, which means killer gatherings are a must. There are definitely some scenes that make us want to throw on some heels and out with our crew, too.

6. Determination

Kayla and Will must face their fears and become more determined than ever to reach their goals. Watch these two overcome their obstacles with your BFFs, then start a convo about your own goals you want to tackle this year.

7. Beautiful sights

Living at a ski resort means tons of snow, beautiful mountains and flawless slopes. Having an eyeful of nature’s beauty as the backdrop for this flick makes us a little more OK with this chilly weather, that’s for sure!

8. New friendship

You know what they say; Never judge a book by its cover. Kayla and Will learn this lesson and are able to become unlikely friends. We love that these two know how to put their past behind them.

9. Huge surprises

We’re not gonna lie, there are lots of twists and shocking secrets that pop up in this film. But the only way to find out what they are is to watch it in its entirety.

’Til then, we’ll give you a sneak peek at Cloud 9 with this music video…

Be sure to watch Cloud 9 when it premieres on Disney Channel this Friday, Jan. 17, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, then come back and share your thoughts.

Are you a snowboarder? Wish you could take up the sport? Share in the comments below.



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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016
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