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6 flicks to keep the post-Olympic spirit going

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games are coming to a close and we’re so sad to see them go. We’ve loved the intense ice hockey competition, the crazy flips in freestyle skiing, the amazingly detailed ice dancing outfits and, of course, we’ve had our eye on a few cute snowboarders, too. 

But if you just can’t get enough of the Games, here are a few Olympic movies that will keep the action going way past the end of the Closing Ceremonies (be sure to catch that action tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC).


Which Olympic flick are you going to watch once the Games are over? Share in the comments below.



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  • 1miracle.jpg


    A former hockey player-turned-coach makes a bunch of misfit boys into a team of hardworking hockey players to rep Team USA in the 1980 Olympic Games. You’ll be biting your nails to see if they can take on an unbeatable team in this triumphant flick.

  • 2coolrunnings.jpg

    Cool Running

    Cool Running will have you in a fit of giggles and feeling oh-so-motivated at the same time. This Olympic film is based on the brave athletes who decided to start the first Jamaican Bobsled team and did the unthinkable, making it to Canada for the 1988 Olympics. Talk about an underdog story!

  • 3chariotsoffire.jpg

    Chariots of Fire

    A ton of Olympic movies are based on American athletes, but Chariots of Fire tells the true story of two from different backgrounds who represent Great Britain at the 1924 Olympics in Paris. This flick will definitely give you a lesson in what it means to be a hard worker.

  • 4thecuttingedge.jpg

    The Cutting Edge

    This one will have you seriously LOLing. The film centers around one of the most loved winter sports: figure skating. Kate, a world-renowned skater, and Doug, a skillful hockey player, must team up to compete in the 1988 winter Games against another incredible team. But before they step foot in the Olympic stadium, these talented athletes actually have to get along. Their hilarious journey will keep you smiling the whole way through.

  • 5internationalvelvet.jpg

    International Velvet

    If you love horseback riding and all things equestrian, then this is the Olympic flick for you. In International Velvet, Sarah Brown moves from Arizona to England to live with her aunt after her parents are killed in a car crash. It may be totally sad, but the rest of Sarah’s story gets better. She goes on to represent her new home, Great Britain, in the Olympics, falls in love and finds peace with her new fam.

  • 6withoutlimits.jpg

    Without Limits

    There’s a mini history lesson built into this movie, so pay close attention. Without Limits tells the story of Steve Prefontaine, an Olympic runner who competed in the 1972 Winter Games. You’ll grab powerful messages though the passionate and talented runner’s career, love and death. Plus, you’ll be completely inspired to start running.


by Sydney Adamson | 2/1/2016