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7 TV shows that totally deserve spinoffs

Who could forget Boy Meets World?! And with the show’s new spinoff Girl Meets World set to premiere on Disney Channel June 27, it’s making us want to re-watch all of our favorite episodes. We’re pumped because we’ll still get to see our fave couple Cory and Topanga in the new series—but this time the show will revolve around the life lessons their tween daughter Riley faces.

With all of the hype circling around Girl Meets World, it got us thinking about some other discontinued shows we would die to see have spinoffs of their own. Keep reading to find out which they are.


Which TV show would you love to see a spinoff of? Share in the comments below.




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  • 1LizzieMcGuire.png

    Lizzie McGuire

    We heart Lizzie for her sassy attitude, fab fashion sense and all of the crazy situations she gets into. She started so many trends we love, after all. What if Gordo and Lizzie fell in love? Or Lizzie and Kate Sanders (we loved to hate her) both worked at a fashion magazine as frenemies? Whatever the spinoff’s premise, we know it would be fab—as long as Hilary Duff returns as her character, obvi.

  • 2zoey101.jpg

    Zoey 101

    Zoey 101 was the best. And we may have actually shed a tear when it ended. It’s hard not to heart Jamie Lynn Spears’ character and we totally wish we went to her high school and fell in love with all of her cute crushes. We’re thinking a spinoff where Jamie returns, this time with a daughter that goes to Pacific Coast Academy.

  • 3sistersister.jpg

    Sister Sister

    How amazing would a spinoff of Sister Sister be? Tia and Tamera would obviously need to be in it. Hey, maybe they have another sister who was separated from them at birth and they need to find her.

  • 4SabrinaTeenageWitch.jpg

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch

    Sabrina made us want to tap into our own magical powers. And who could forget Harvey? We’re surprised this cute show doesn’t already have a spinoff. In the series finale, Harvey and Sabrina got married. So it’s only fitting that a new series follows them with a little girl who discovers her own witch magic.

  • 5evenstevens.jpg

    Even Stevens

    We love the crazy Stevens fam and all of the zany scenarios they get themselves into. The only thing that would satisfy our Stevens spinoff dreams is if Shia LeBeouf reprised his role as Louis 10 years later.

  • 6thatssoraven.jpg

    That’s So Raven

    Yep, we definitely cried when That’s So Raven ended. Raven, not to mention her entire fam, were LOL funny. So it would be pretty hilarious to see the antics Raven gets into with a spinoff, perhaps following her in college.

  • 7the_wild_thornberrys-show.jpg

    The Wild Thornberrys

    OK, so we’re not thinking spinoff for this one, but more a remake. Who wouldn’t want to see The Wild Thornberrys in live action? We loved the original animated version, but imagine an actual actress playing Eliza, not just her voice. How cool would it be see them go on all of their adventures for real?

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by Deven Feldstein | 2/1/2016
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