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6 girl power movies for your next sleepover

Looking for some movies to play at your next sleepover? We’ve got you covered! Chick flicks are great, but sometimes the boy-meets-girl storyline gets a little old. Enter the following six films—all about girl power, for you and your girls, of course! Read on for our fave chick-powered flicks.

What’s your fave girl power flick? Share in the comments below!



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  • 1nowandthen.png

    Now and Then

    This flick follows Teeny, Chrissy, Samantha and Roberta through the summer of 1970 as they explore the small world of their hometown and save up for a tree house. The girls get up to a lot of mischief of course, not only with the rowdy neighborhood boys but also with a mysterious unsolved crime.

  • 2meangirls.png

    Mean Girls

    OK, you probably don’t need a synopsis for this one because chances are you’ve got half of it memorized. (And if you have, you should take this quiz.) Mean Girls is a sleepover classic, following Cady Heron as she navigates high school cliques and realizes the true value of friendship. That is so fetch!

  • 3benditlikebeckham.png

    Bend it like Beckham

    Jess has only ever wanted one thing: to play soccer professionally like her hero David Beckham. Raised in London by a traditional Indian family, Jess is expected to get married and be a housewife just like her older sister. But when she gets the opportunity to leave tradition behind and play soccer in Germany, will she choose her family or her passion?

  • 4steelmagnolias.png

    Steel Magnolias

    This movie revolves around Truvy’s Beauty Parlor in a small town in Louisiana, chronicling the lives of six women who live there. This flick is full of laughs and tears as the delicate and complicated lives of these friends unfold, revealing that (tear-jerker alert!) everyone has their own personal battles in life.

  • 5aleagueoftheirown.png

    A League of Their Own

    Based off the real All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, this flick is all about players of the Peaches baseball team. From feisty sisters Kit and Dottie to the fiery Mae and Doris, these girls don’t mess around. But when team drama breaks the sisters apart and Kit gets sent to another team, will the Peaches triumph in the championship?

  • 6sisterhoodtravelingpants.png

    Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

    Lena, Bridget, Carmen and Tibby have known each other forever—but the summer they turn 16, they find themselves all in different places. Enter the pants, an old pair of jeans that magically fit them all perfectly. Watch as Lena falls in love in Greece, Bridget mourns her mother’s death in Mexico, and the girls all learn how to be themselves when they’re apart.

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by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016