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7 movies that prove school is actually fun

We know a lot of you might be dreading going back to class. But, believe it or not, school can actually be a blast! There’s something exciting about going back to school—you never know what the year will bring. And, seriously, what other time of year do you get to see all of your besties every single day? Some of our fave movies show just how amazing school can be. Read on to see what we’re talking about. 


What do you love most about school? Which of these movies are you gonna watch? Share in the comments below.

  • TheBreakfastClub.png

    The Breakfast Club

    This movie is the ultimate high school flick. It has all of the typical school stereotypes: a smart guy, the popular girl, the bad boy, an athlete, and a basket case. When they meet each other in detention, “The Breakfast Club” learns that they have a lot more in common than they thought. Ya never know who you will become friends with this year, and this film encourages us to reach out to someone we might not be as close with because you just might find a new bestie in them. We suggest doing it outside of detention, though.
  • Clueless.png


    This movie is totally fun and may share similar experiences to the ones you have at your own school. Although Cher may seem like your typical spoiled popular girl who only cares about being superficial, deep down she’s actually pretty smart and ultimately ends up having a good heart while dealing with new friendships. Not only that, but this flick highlights how fun it can be dressing up for class.

  • EasyA.png

    Easy A

    Do you ever find yourself dealing with the craziest situations while in class? Emma Stone’s movie Easy A is totally like that. Her character Olive stands up for what she believes in while kinda exiling herself from everyone else (Scarlet Letter style). While you may not want to make yourself stand out in this way, it reminds us that school is fun because it provides you many opportunities to let yourself stand out from the crowd and make yourself shine.
  • Grease.png


    Grease is the word! School’s a nonstop party in this classic movie. While we may not break out into song and dance in the halls (or, hey, maybe you do) Grease shows that school can be so sweet. New friends combined with old are what makes school worth it in this movie—and in real life, too! Plus, it has the guy everyone loves. Ya know, the one who likes to pretend he’s a totally bad boy but, deep down he’s a softie.
  • BringItOn.png

    Bring It On

    One thing we love about school is all of the after school activities that come with it—cheerleading included. All of the Bring It On movies are hilariously exciting and we know you can have just as much fun with the sport this school year.

  • HarryPotter.png

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    So all of the Harry Potter films show that school can be a crazy adventure, but the Goblet of Fire is the best example. Let’s face it, after this installment, things get pretty scary. But Hogwarts is the ultimate place to be. Hanging with your friends 24/7 sounds like a dream.

  • 17Again.png

    17 Again

    For some reason, watching this movie just makes us want to go back to school. Seriously, try it! Maybe it’s because it makes us hopeful that we’ll meet some cute new guy this year (like Zac Efron, please). Or maybe we’re getting psyched for another year of awesome basketball games. Either way, this flick will put you in a good mood just in time for the first day.


by Deven Feldstein | 2/1/2016
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