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This 16-year-old is making her mark on the world with Hiccupops

Prepare to be inspired! Starting tomorrow, Sept. 12, Disney Channel will premiere a series of spots as part of their annual Make Your Mark initiative. The interstitial series showcases kids and teens from around the country who are making a difference in their communities and the world.

These powerful individuals and their stories are not only uplifting, they’re aimed to inspire girls like you to connect to the world and communicate in positive ways.

Don’t believe us? Meet Mallory Kievman. The 16-year-old Connecticut resident and aspiring physician wanted to help cancer patients suffering from hiccups (a side effect of their treatment), so she devised the “Hiccupop.” This hiccup lollipop is made from natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar and sugar, which can affect the nerves in the throat and mouth that are believed to cause the hiccup reflex.

Not only has Mallory been awarded for both innovation and patentability for her creation, this exceptional teen is encouraging all of us to stick to the projects we’re passionate about—even when the going gets tough!

Before Mallory’s “Make Your Mark” story premieres tomorrow, Sept. 12, our friends at Disney Channel gave us an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at her Disney Channel shoot.

Check out what happened below…

Be sure to follow Mallory’s story and those of six other 11-to-15-year-olds chosen for the 2014 edition of Make Your Mark when it begins tomorrow on Disney Channel.  

For more info on Hiccupops, CLICK HERE

How are you trying to make your mark on the world? Share in the comments below. 

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by Patricia McNamara | 2/1/2016