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5 fictional high school hotties that would make perfect homecoming dates

It’s our favorite time of the year again: Homecoming season! None of these guys go to your school (if they do, please tell us where!), but if they did, we’d be running to their locker ASAP to ask them to the dance before someone else. So close your eyes and imagine the magic of having one of these boys as your date.


Which fictional fella would you dream of going to Homecoming with? Share in the comments below.

  • troy.jpg

    Troy Bolton: High School Musical

    Ah, Troy Bolton. Sure, he may have graduated high school, but our fave wildcat would’ve been the ultimate Homecoming date. Not only does he have the smoothest dance moves (obvi), but he’s “Mr. Popular” in our book. Let’s face it, he’d probably be Homecoming King, and he’d have tons of friends we could dance the night away with. One of the best parts of being Troy’s date? He’d probably teach us how to sink a flawless free throw. Score!

  • austinmoon.jpg

    Austin Moon: Austin & Ally

    Give us a second to swoon over the thought of Austin Moon as our Homecoming date. We would have the best night out with Austin because he knows how to treat a girl right. After all, he is best friends with Ally. Besides being the life of the party, we have a hunch this cutie would whip out a surprise serenade during the big night.

  • sebastian.png

    Sebastian Kydd: The Carrie Diaries

    That blonde hair, those baby blue eyes…who wouldn’t want Sebastian Kydd on their arm? This hottie may look like your typical bad boy at first glance, but he’d actually be super sweet. Sebastian is the selfless kind of date who would hang out with kids who weren’t having a fun time and invite them over for pizza after the dance. Not only is he sweet, but we guarantee he’d also be the best-dressed dude at the dance.

  • gus_waters.jpg

    Augustus “Gus” Waters: The Fault in Our Stars

    This cutie is the king of romantic gestures. OK, we wouldn’t expect a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Amsterdam (have you seen the price of plane tickets?), but we’d expect a surprise corsage. We bet this sweetie would even wear a tie that matches the color of our dress just to put a smile on our face and crack a few jokes throughout the night to make it even better.

  • pj_duncan.jpg

    PJ Duncan: Good Luck Charlie

    We’d love to go to the dance with PJ Duncan because he’s so kindhearted. You know he saved up all his money working at Kwikki Chikki to buy dance tickets, and he’d probably bribe his sister Teddy to babysit their youngest sister, Charlie, so he could spend a fun evening with us. Seriously, could he be any more adorable?

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by Melanie White | 2/1/2016