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Exclusive: Want to make a viral vid Bizaardvark style?


We've already told you how excited we are for Disney Channel's newest show Bizaardvark, premiering Friday, June 24—but now we're bringing you another little glimpse at the action.

Starring Olivia Rodriguez and Madison Hu as Paige and Frankie, two BFF vloggers who make all kinds of funny viral videos, Bizaardvark is bound to be hilarious. And having co-star (and IRL viral video creator!) Jake Paul around certainly won't hurt.

We've got our hands on an exclusive clip of Paige and Frankie explaining the simple steps it takes to make your own viral vid. Check it out.

Are you excited to check out Bizaardvark when it comes to Disney on June 24?

Photo and video credit: Disney

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by Chelsea Duff | 6/11/2016