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Exclusive: Jack Newsome's "Bellevue" is your new beach tune


Jack Newsome's been a music lover since he was little. After starting on piano at the age of six, then adding in writing and singing over the years, Jack had written, recorded and released his first album by the time he was fifteen. Just a few years later, he left home for Berklee College of Music where he could further study his craft.

Now at 19 years old, Jack's ready to share his music. Just a few months after releasing his EP Medicine, he's got on more track to share: "Bellevue." Listen in to the exclusive premiere below.

"'Bellevue' is the most sentimental song I've written, bar none," Jack explains. "To be honest, I had never cried while writing a song until now. I like to play cool and stay guarded when writing, but I had no walls when I wrote this one."

"I was just about to go off to college and I started feeling very nostalgic," he shares about the emotional track where he discusses his family's story. "The song is all about driving by the house I grew up in, and remembering when my parents were still married. To be clear, my family is much better for the divorce. I don't wish that my parents get back together, but it's nice to remember being little and naive."


When it comes to influences, one pops to mind: "The chorus-style vocals are reminiscent of Imogen Heap, a huge influence of mine. The song sounds good with just a guitar or a piano, but I wanted to liven it up with some electronic production."

And believe it or not, this is actually Jack's original recording of the song. "The intro features a sound clip of a motivational speech I gave when I was maybe 5 or 6, which my cousins uncovered. I recorded the vocals in an office just for a demo, but after playing it for a few friends and mentors, they said I needed to release the song ASAP."

What do you think of Jack's new song "Bellevue"? Has this nostalgic tune made a fan out of you?

Photos credit: Jack Newsome


by Chelsea Duff | 6/27/2016