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Tayler's "Something About You" is a Labor Day weekend must

You probably fell in love with Taylor Buono when we shared her song "Technically Single" with you in July. Now, we're delivering you another track from Tayler: "Something About You." Before you ask—no, she's *not* ripping off Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman." In fact, we think Tay's tune might be even better than an Ari song. Sure, that's a bold statement, but listen to the track below and then let us know if we're cray-cray or not, okay?

So good, right?! The dreamy, mellow beats in the beginning pull you in, but the song takes on the sound of Justin Bieber's "Where Are Ü Now" as the pace picks up. Lyrically, the track is totally Taylor Swift as Tayler sings about the almost infinite happiness we feel when we're falling in love with someone. Altogether, it's a combination that *definitely* belongs on the radio.

What are your thoughts on Tayler's new track? We're gonna be spinning it all weekend long!

Photo credit: Tayler Buono

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by Sydney Adamson | 9/3/2016