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8 reasons why we just can't say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries

After eight amazing seasons, the CW’s hit teen vampire drama, The Vampire Diaries, has come to an end. Excuse us while we sob and wipe away our mascara! There have been so many ups and downs on the show, but one thing is for sure: TVD is one of the *best* shows around. Here are eight reasons why (no spoilers, promise!) we're sad to say goodbye:

The love triangles are ever-changing.

TVD is *full* of intense romance. You’re always wondering who will be dating who next!

All of the characters are seriously #friendshipgoals.

They have their struggles, but in the end, the characters really prove to each other how much friendship means to them…even if it means sacrificing themselves for the greater good.

There are countless plot twists.

Nobody can get bored of watching TVD with the never-ending cliffhangers and unexpected plot twists.

From puppy love to I-can’t-live-without you, we saw all types of love.

When Elena and Stefan first got together, it was pure, undeniable puppy love. Flash-forward to Delena, and these two showed us how serious love can really be.

The bad guys are *actually* evil.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a show where the bad guys are actually the bad guys and wreak havoc. TVD doesn’t disappoint on that front!

There is serious girl power.

Bonnie, Elena and Caroline each have their moments of weakness, but ultimately show the world how strong and fabulous they are. 

Oh, and Ian Somerhalder.

No explanation necessary.

The characters experience major self-discovery.

Growing up is hard. After so many highs and lows, we see Damon evolve into a sweet, romantic guy as Caroline discovers she is fully capable of handling herself on her own.

Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite moment in the series? Let us know below!

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by Jacqueline Burnett | 3/14/2017