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Why Don't We want to "Kiss You This Christmas"


Your Christmas playlist just got *so* much better!

Why Don't We—friends of Logan Paul and one of the boy bands to make the biggest splash this year—have a new Christmas EP out, A Why Don't We Christmas. That's right, Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, Jack and Zach are here to bring you a hearty dose of post-Thanksgiving holiday cheer! The new collection features the boys' take on classics like "Silent Night" and "Merry Little Christmas" as well as their own original tracks, "You and Me at Christmas," "Hey Good Lookin'," and the amazing "Kiss You This Christmas."

If you're anything like us and can't get enough of Why Don't We, then you're in luck. They are touring across the US as part of the star-studded line-up for this year's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour. They'll be taking the stage alongside performances from artists including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and The Chainsmokers( *cue collective jaw-dropping!*). If you can't make it to their stops this December, not to worry; they'll be kicking off The Invitation Tour come 2018.

So get your girls together, put on some Why Don't We and start decorating and baking Christmas cookies to your heart's content.

What's your fave Why Don't We song? Do you have a fave WDW member? Share below!

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by Katherine Logan | 11/28/2017