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10 GIFs that describe our feels for "Someday" from ZOMBIES

If you're a big ZOMBIES fan, by now you've probably listened to the soundtrack, oh, about a million times. And if you're anything like us, "Someday" is your fave song. If so, you'll be stoked to find out that Disney Channel is running an encore presentation of the original movie tonight (which premiered on Feb. 16) at 7:15 p.m. ET/PT, and the entire thing will be hosted by the movie's stars: Meg Donnelly (Addison) and Milo Manhiem (Zed).

New to the whole ZOMBIES thing? No worries. Listen to the track below and then experience alllllll the emotions with these GIFs.

When Zed turns the lamp into a disco ball

When they hit the first chorus and you just can't help but sing along

When Zed picks Addison up and does a little adorable twirl

Trying to immitate their tap routine like

When Zed calls Addison delicious...

But then remedies it by calling her gorgeous

When Addison dives into the bridge and decides to be brave and literally go out in broad daylight with Zed

Anytime Zed smiles

When they try to be coy in the hallway but can't help but sing to eachother

When the song ends and you decide that it's time to just play it on repeat and dance it out

What's your fave song from ZOMBIES? Which Disney Channel Original Movie do you think is the best?

Photo credit: Disney Channel/John Medland; all GIFs courtesy


by Sydney Adamson | 3/2/2018