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Disney QUIZney is returning with amaze hosts—and your chance to win $100

Yes, seriously, $100

The live interactive trivia game show that invites kids and families to test their knowledge of all things Disney for a chance to win a cash prize is officially making a comeback! 

Disney QUIZney is returning exclusively to the DisneyNOW app starting on April 29—where you can also win a $100 cash prize.

Here's how it works: This season, fans will have an opportunity to play the live hosted 10-minute trivia game show every weekday (for 12 weeks) with real-time game results. Each game show will feature seven trivia questions relating to Disney Channel Original Movies and series, in addition to Disney and Pixar movies. The top 10 players who answer the seven questions correctly and fastest will win a $100 cash prize. Amazing, right! You canclick here for the official rules.

So, who's hosting this season? Over a dozen of Disney Channel fan-favorite stars as hosts including Anna Cathcart, Meg Donnelly, Joshua Rush, Olivia Sanabia, Ruth Righi and more taking on themes like Flashbacks, Descendants Throwback, Girl Power, Disney Fashion, All Raven, LOL, Princess Power, Moves to the Grooves, Twinsanity, Famous Firsts, just to name a few.

"I’m super thrilled to host a Girl Power theme in hopes to inspire all girls," spills Sydney to the Max star Ruth Righi, "and I am also pumped to host Moves to the Grooves because that sounds like so much fun."

Click through the slideshow below to check out more of Disney QUIZney's season three hosts...

  • 1.jpg

    Anna Cathcart of Descendants 3.

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Ed Herrera

  • 2-new.jpg

    Meg Donnelly of Zombies and the upcoming Zombies 2.

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Bob D'Amico

  • 3.jpg

    Joshua Rush of Andi Mack.

    Photo credit: Disney Channel

  • 4.jpg

    Olivia Sanabia of Coop & Cami Ask the World said, "I’m looking forward to hosting the 'Girl Power' theme because it’s so empowering to celebrate all the awesome Disney ladies!"

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Craig Sjodi

  • 5.jpg

    Ruth Righi of Sydney to the Max.

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Ed Herrera

  • 6.jpg

    Issac Ryan Brown of Raven's Home.

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin

  • 7.jpg

    Sophie Pollono of Fast Layne revealed, "The themes I’m most looking forward to hosting are 'Girl Power' and 'Disney Fashion.' I love promoting positivity and strength to young girls and I’m a fan on all things fashion!!"

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Ed Herrera

  • 8.jpg

    Albert Tsai of Coop & Cami Ask the World on themes: "The theme I am looking forward to hosting is 'Odd Jobs' because I can’t wait to see what odd jobs my favorite Disney characters have done!"

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin

  • 9.jpg

    Mallory James Mahoney of Bunk'd revealed: "I am looking forward to host the theme 'All things Tiny.' I think it is going to be super fun especially because I am so small. I have a feeling I will relate to some things in this category. Plus who doesn’t love small stuff? It is so cute!"

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Eric McCandless

  • 10.jpg

    Raphael Alejandro of Bunk'd says, "I'm so happy to be a host for this new season of 'Disney QUIZney.' I would like to host a QUIZney that talks about my show, 'BUNK'D,' because I'm very excited that it got picked up for Season 4 and I can't wait for everyone to see it."

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Eric McCandless

  • 11.jpg

    Christian J. Simon of Sydney to the Max revealed "I’m looking forward to hosting 'Disney Dishes' and 'Eww, Gross'! 'Disney Dishes' because I love food, so it will be cool to see what fun trivia they come up with from the Disney Universe! 'Eww, Gross' because with a title like that, the possibilities are endless!!"

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Ed Herrera

  • 12.jpg

    Kaylin Hayman of Just Roll With It spilled "The themes I am looking forward to the most are 'Descendants Throwback' and 'Girl Power.' I would pick 'Descendants Throwback' because I'm a huge fan of Dove Cameron and it’s a musical, I love to sing and dance to the musical numbers. I would pick 'Girl Power' because it inspires young girls to follow their dreams, be strong and believe in themselves."

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Ed Herrera

  • 13.jpg

    Ramon Reed of Just Roll With It says, The themes I'm looking forward to hosting are 'Disney Fashion,' 'Moves to the Grooves,' and 'Disney Princess.' I love everything fashion and I think I'm quite fashionable. I like 'Moves to the Grooves' because I know dance moves and songs.  I would like to host Disney Princess for my younger sister and cousins because they watched a lot of Disney Princess movies and shows."

    Photo credit: Disney Channel/Ed Herrera


by GL | 4/17/2019