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Taylor Swift revealed an epic secret about TS7 in her new "Me!" video

Snakes and cats and butterflies, oh my!

Photo credit: Instagram/taylorswift; Art by Instagram/valheria123

Few things excite me more than literally anything Taylor Swift does. Before her new song, "Me!", even dropped, I was ready to declare April 26 a national holiday. She started using the butterfly emoji, and it not-so-coincidentally instantly became my new go-to. She posted a pic of baby chicks, and I was maybe, possibly, sort of contemplating adopting one solely based on this *~*cool*~* gallery wall.

Which means this review of the first single in her seventh album cycle (TS7, obvs) will be totally and compeltely unbiased...except not at all. But that's OK, because fangirling over TS is just one of life's simple pleasures that we all deserve to indulge in, you know?

Nothing could have prepared me for the feels that happened as the clock struck mignight on April 26 and "Me!" finally entered my life. From the pastel pink snake bursting into butterflies to the candy-colored flash mob, this drop is beyond delicious. The song would be amazing with Taylor alone, but with the addition of Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie—who's been nothing but wonderfully whimsical and completey cheeky throughout his entire career—there's no way this track *isn't* going to go straight to the top of the charts.

Altogether, the song is so catchy (like, can you really hate a song with a spelling section???), and an amazing evolution for Taylor as an artist. On reputation, we saw Taylor get mad and mean and sassy and scary. And it was everything. She harnessed all of the not-so-great stuff that'd happened to her in her recent past and she made something powerful and thought-provoking out if it.

But the best moments on reputation (think: "Delicate," "Dress" and "New Year's Day") were the pockets of vulnerability and softness and, well, delicateness. If her recent Instagram posts and this otherworldly, pastel-filled video are any indication, Taylor's gone soft again—and in the *best* way. 

If I had to make a guess as to what type of Tay we'll get with TS7, I'd say that she's done with the snake motif. She's done giving airtime to grudges. She's done getting revenge. And she's done harping on the negative. TS7 will see the full return of the earnest Taylor we fell in love with when we heard "Fifteen" for the very first time and listened to her sing about besties and heartbreak—just with 15 more years of wisdom in her corner.

And I, for one, am totally ready for it.

Press play on "Me!" (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco) below.

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by Sydney Adamson | 4/26/2019