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12 holiday movies to binge this winter break

A good Christmas movie can stick with you forever—you look forward to tuning in each year, memorize all the lines and it just doesn't feel like the holidays without your yearly viewing. Read on for 12 absolute must-watches this season!


"SANTA!" We have never seen anyone more excited about Christmas than Buddy, and we don't want to! He is the perfect elf to get you in the right mood for the holidays. 

Home Alone

Admit it: You still kind of daydream about the possibility of being left home alone! This is the perfect feel-good movie to watch if you want to get in touch with your inner (mischievious) child.  

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Because of course we can't see Jack and Sally *only* during the Halloween season. 


Now available on Disney+, Anna Kendrick plays the beautiful Noelle as she goes to rescue her brother, Nick, who ran away from his responsibility of becoming Santa. This newbie will quickly top your watch list. 

Let It Snow 

Based on the best-selling novel, there is nothing like a good romance to warm your heart—and this movie has *three*! 

The Knight Before Christmas 

Vanessa Hudgens seems to be the reigning queen of Christmas movies, and now she has a handsome knight by her side. Will they be able to fight off the time-space continuum or will they have to surrender?

The Polar Express 

Since most of us can't make the trip up to the North Pole ourselves, this movies will have to suffice...for now. 

A Christmas Carol 

A classic-made-funny, but forever powerful, with the voice of Jim Carrey. Call down your fam to the living room and embrace the true meaning of Christmas. 

The Grinch 

While the live action verson of the Grinch will always have a special place in our hearts ( you should probably still make space for it in your binging schedule ), this fresh new take deserves a rewatch this year. 

Christmas Vacation

The Griswold family embodies the idea that even when literally everything goes wrong, Christmas is still *so right*. 

A Christmas Prince

Everyone deserves to feel like a princess, especially on Christmas! 

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

If you're traveling to see family this break, this one will have you saying *same*. Let's sjust hope your trip isn't quite as crazy, though!

What is your favorite Christmas movie? 

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by Cassandra R Lopez | 12/19/2019