Must List

5 Sleepover Ideas

Check out these awesome movie-themed sleepover ideas before your next soiree!
She's the Man
Come dressed as the boy version of yourself. Have fun with this, embrace the oversized pants.
Take before and after pictures of your boy verses girl outfits. You can do individual or group shots.
Pizza, a staple of every girl and boy diet.
What a Girl Wants

Dress for this modern day fairytale with a sparkling tiara, crazy dress-up jewelry and British accent.
Have each person make a list of characteristics you want in a man, and then make a combined list titled THE PERFECT MAN.
Tea party, and don't forget the cute little cookies.
John Tucker Must Die

Come dressed matching your favorite character from the movie.
Have the ultimate debate: Are you a fan of John Tucker, or the other Tucker, aka Scott?
Anything chocolate, as is only appropriate.
10 Things I Hate About You

Come dressed as the artsy rebel to match Kat or as the spoiled, but sweet, Bianca. 
Do traveling poems. Everyone starts with a piece of paper and writes something about themselves, then you pass the paper. By the time your paper is back to you everyone should have written at least one thing about you on the paper. Only two requirements: The poem must rhyme and only nice things can be written.
Have an ice cream bar!

Legally Blonde

Come dressed for spa night, jammies and all.
Manicures and pedicures.
Veggies and dip, tasty and healthy!

—Lauren Linhard
8/30/2008 7:16:00 AM