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Justin Bieber's new vid is making big moves to support women

Justin Bieber just dropped Changes, his first album in almost five years. From his diagnosis with Lyme disease to his marriage to Hailey Baldwin (now Bieber), the life of the Biebs really has changed. Changes debuted a more mature sound than ever, and the message he is choosing to send has followed suit.

Perhaps the best example of this is the story behind "Intentions." The song, which features rapper Quavo, is catchy. More importantly, though, Justin is using it to lift up others. 

In other words, Bieber is using his platform for good.

The first of these initiatives is #MyIntentions, an Instagram campaign that highlights the stories of three women—as well as many others who posted in contribution—who overcame adversity and found Alexandria House, a Los Angeles-based transitional home for women and children seeking permanent shelter. 

You can view Marcy's story below:

The Insta series is not the end of the road, either. The Alexandria House has partnered with Bieber to create the $200,000 INTENTIONS Fundwhich intends to support the "goals and dreams" of families in the area as they seek stability.

"Homelessness is growing at an alarming rate—and women and children are the largest growing population in need," the organization's website says. "Our current reality is that there are women with babies, toddlers, youth and teens living in cars, on couches and floors, or on the streets."

Anyone can donate, and all proceeds go directly to the Alexandria House to kickstart their mission.

Check out the video for "Intentions" below:

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by Logan Potter | 2/19/2020