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EXCLUSIVE! There's a reason you're obsessed with Charli and Dixie D'Amelio. TikTok's most famous duo—and adorably supportive IRL sisters—open up from their Connecticut home about their rise to social stardom, what makes Charli the *ultimate* TikToker, how to handle haters…and their hopes and dreams for their post-Hype House future. Plus, our exclusive photo shoot done for us by their mom, Heidi. Smile!


Your makeup bag misses you! 6 new trends to try 
You've been stuck in your house for what seems like 4,821 days and your beauty routine has been...non-existent. Time to put all those tutorials you've been watching to good use and re-create some major summer looks—even if these works of art are all for you (and maybe your adoring fans on social).

Shorts! Swimsuits! Statement tees! Time to make some summer magic. 
Dreaming of your *perfect* summer day? Whether your vision involves beautiful beaches, perfect pools or stellar scenary, scout the outfit makers that really drive the vibe. 

What about the seniors?
As the world struggles through the uncertainty of a global pandemic, the class of 2020 is living through its own personal loss: that of their senior year and all of the milestones and memories that come along with it. Carrie Berk shares what it feels like to have these traditions taken away—and shares the silver lining she's discovered even behind the darkest clouds. 

Insta hair: The looks you need to try ASAP
Summer always used to equal lazy hair days, but since we spent spring stuck in "been there/didn't brush that"—land, we're *more* than ready to switch it up. Sure, the basic rules still apply (summer styles need to be fast, easy and sweatproof) but it's time to level up. 

Should you send that DM? We overanalyzed it so you don't have to 
Having a crush isn't always easy, especially when you're not in school and social distancing is a must. That's where creating the perfect message that shows you're interested without being "too" overly enthusiastic comes into play. We're here to help (*hits send*).

Stay sunny: 20 ways to find your joy
Now is the perfect time to be in nature, find your happy place and make your voice heard. Recent events have served as a reminder of how important it is to stay connected to our friends, family, our community, or creativity and, most importantly, ourselves. 

Period fakeouts: What's normal, what's weird
It's that time of the month again: You're menstruating...and a million questions to go along with it. We asked experts to weigh in on your most pressing period probs.

Fighting back
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put the world on pause, these six teens are working to stitch their communities back together—one mask, meal or virtual meet-up at a time.

Quiz: Wanna know whether you and your celeb crush could actually date?
From Noah to Billie to Asher to Jordan—wanna see if you and your celeb crush have a chance? We've got you covered. 

We're calling it: Summer love is back!
These past few months hav been, in a word, rough. So does that mean you are destined to spend your summer solo? Heck, no. We've got everything you need to keep your status sunny (while still being smart!).

Your summer, written in the stars
Between May and June, there are nonstop planetary retrogrades and a solar eclipse. What does that mean? Check out your sign for what to expect—and how to keep things in your life spinning in a positive direction. 

Do you need to clean up your act?
Coronavirus made us all, shall we say *super* aware of germs. Covering our sneezes and washing our hands is now de rigueur...but what about the rest of your (sometimes-could-be-cleaner) habits? We turned to the experts to give us the deets on some of the grossest moves. 

Everything you need to see, read and listen to this season
Ricardo Hurtado opens up about all the details from Netflix's Malibu Rescue 2: The Next Wave, including which character he thinks would make the best lifeguard IRL! Malia Baker spills the details about her audition process for Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club. Plus: Hailee Steinfeld, Reed Horstmann, Charli XCX and more!

 In this issue, you'll also find... 

💇🏻‍♀️ Hair dare: Should I chop my locks?
Short crops are so rn—plus, hello, they have built-in AC. Going short can require a little extra time in front of the mirror in the a.m. (and more frequent trips to the salon). But whether you go with a lob, a bob or a full-on pixie—we are so into this moment. 

🦵🏾 Personal growth
Body hair is another opportunity for women to exercise their ability to choose, even if that means having it *both* ways. Aly Vernon shares her journey of shaving (and not) in a society of smoothness. 

🏕Camp crushed
Summer love, Snapchat and the secret to self-confidence. One girl survived a heart-shattering Snapchat situation—and found empowerment in her honesty. 

☀️Let's solve those other summer probs, shall we?
We've got fast fixes for all of the sitches that seem to come with the season. 

😷 Life, interrupted
How to navigate the new normal when nothing seems normal at all. We have some tips on how to get through when everything is different. 

🌎 Take me away
Not to be dramatic, but you've been dreaming of this moment for months. All you need now? A perfectly packed suitcase. We've got the tips to get you packed quickly and easily. 

+ Quiz: Are you *too* TMI?
The newbie's guide that won't melt off
+ The stylish accessories your lewk needs
+ 6 throwback picks to get you through the #ContentDrought
+ Awkward moments with Disney's Sydney to the Max's Ava Kolker
Dear Carol on the line between friends and dating
*All* the fun and freebies
...and more!



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PAGE 55: Mom & Teen Week at Cal-A-Vie Spa
+ Get your zen on with fun fitness classes, amazing meals, and major mom-and-daughter time. More information for how to book HERE.

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