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Why blue light glasses are *so* important (and where to get cute ones)

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Is it just me, or have we all been getting *way* more screen time than we are used to? Between online classes, watching TV and the ever-addicting TikTok For You Page, I find myself online most of the day! The blue light that comes out of our electronic screens can cause headaches and fatigue over time, and when you are exposed to blue light at night it can make it harder for you to fall asleep. In fact, research from Harvard Medical School has found that continually going to bed right after spending a long period of time using electronic devices can be contributing factors to conditions like cancer, heart disease and obesity. Screen time throws off your body's internal clock and makes it harder to get your 8 hours of Zs in. 

That may all sound *super* scary, but no need to worry! While the best way to protect your eyes from overexposure to blue light is to avoid electronic use as much as possible, that isn't really practical right now in a world where COVID-19 has turned much of daily life virtual. However, wearing blue light glass is an easy (and fashionable!) way to block blue light and its harmful effects. Wearing blue light glasses whenever you are on a long Zoom call or scrolling on your phone for hours can help prevent some of the side effects from too much screen time, and will make it way easier to fall asleep after a long virtual day. You can buy them from a bunch of different online retailers, and they come in tons of fun shapes and colors! These are a great tool to add to your daily routine and make life in quarantine a little more enjoyable. Here are some of our fave brands of blue light glasses: 

EyeBuyDirect: $25-$45 

This brand has a totally customizable website where you can pick your fave frame shape, color, and even add a prescription if you wear regular eyeglasses. The blue light-blocking technology is super effective at reducing computer headaches, and their products are all offered at an affordable price. Shop EyeBuyDirect glasses here. 

GlassesShop: $20-$30 

These frames are all super fun and colorful! You can find virtually any shape, from thin rectangles to large circles and everything in between. Shop GlassesShop glasses here. 

MEETSUN, $16 per set of 2 

You can find this brand on Amazon and mix and match pairs to coordinate perfectly with your fave fall outfits! The shape of the glasses is super trendy right now, and come with travel-friendly pouches to throw into your backpack or purse when on the go. Shop MEETSUN glasses here. 

WearMe Pro: $28-$30

These cute, feminine frames are perfect for all you girly girls out there! From the soft pastel color of the frames to their slightly cat-eye shape, this brand has attention-grabbing styles that you will 100 percent love! Shop WearMe Pro glasses here.


If you are looking for a truly unique style of blue light glasses, you should definitely try these! They have fun gold piping that creates a glam look to study in style. Shop AOMASTE glasses here. 

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Images of glasses are all from retailers.

by Lexi Casazza | 10/1/2020