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Isabelle Staub creates *stunning* Disney transformation art

Have you ever wondered how your fave Disney characters would look as a human? From the on-point character expressions to the imaginative style looks, the artist Isabelle Staub answers this question in the most beautiful way.

As a full-time freelance artist for three years, Isabelle creates the *perfect* reimagination of each Disney character as a human girl. In an interview with Bored Panda, Isabelle talked about how the idea came to her: "I was scrolling through images on Pinterest. I thought to myself, 'It might be cool if I did a human version of some of these Disney animals.'" With the huge following she gained on TikTok from posting the process of creating the drawings, it's clear that others also loved this brilliant idea!


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After seeing the positive reaction her TikTok video of drawing Dory gained, Isabelle started posting more tutorials...resulting in this fantastic ongoing collection.

Marie from The Aristocats 

Marie's adorable light curls, trademark baby pink bow and sweet pout *totally* give the kitty cute vibe. Anyone else loving that pink choker she's wearing?

Minnie Mouse

This human version of Minnie Mouse is absolute style goals! Isabelle made sure to include Minnie's widow's peak and draw attention to her long lashes. Do you want to try out Minnie's *iconic* messy bun hairstyle? 

Dory from Finding Nemo

Dory's *super* sweet expression is captured in this fabulous drawing. Since Dory is so "positive," Isabelle felt like she was the perfect character to draw "during a time like this." We def agree with Isabelle's decision to reimagine our favorite bright-eyed gal! Also, what hairstylist can make those blue and yellow highlights so stylish? 

Lola from Shark Tale

Lola's sassy style on Shark Tale is totally captured in this glamorous painting of her as a human. From the complementing purple eyeshadow to the striped orange-blond hair, Lola's fashion is both fierce and fun. Who else thinks that Lola belongs on the cover of a makeup magazine? 

Nala from The Lion King

Nala is strong, confident and oh-so gorgeous in the drawing that transforms her into a total style icon. The dark bold earrings and dramatic eyeliner bring out her bright turquoise eyes. This Nala is the queen we imagined her to be as a human (and more)! 

Lady from Lady and the Tramp

From her sparkling brown eyes to curly auburn hair, this human version of Lady totally captures the essence of our favorite character. This girl version has a super trendy fashion look - cute chunky beige sweater, a blue choker and gold diamond shaped earrings. Even her eyebrows are on fleek! 

In her Good Morning America interview, Staub revealed that she "wasn't even planning on making this a series, but people wanted to see more characters." We're so glad that she decided to continue making these stunning transformations and post the process on TikTok. We can't wait to see what this amazing artist comes up with next! 

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by Camille Campbell | 10/9/2020