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We went to an at-home manicure class and yes, it was amazing


Since COVID-19 has entered our lives it's made it *way* harder to take care of our beauty needs. Say goodbye to monthly manis and blowouts and hello to...boring nails and bedhead? Not the case. Luckily, brands like Dashing Diva have made it so we can get the same quality manicure...but in the comfort and safety of our home. 

Dashing Diva makes *fabulous* and easy-apply gel nail strips, giving your nails a full makeover that'll last for a full 14 days. Did we mention you don't even have to wait for them to dry? By using Dashing Diva's nail strips you can go right back to doing your homework without worrying about messing up wet nails.

Recently, Dashing Diva released the launch of their Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Color collection which comes in 24 different shades, containing 27 gel nail strips in 13 different nail sizes. We were lucky enough to be able to get a full-on tutorial from the Dashing Diva team along with the one and only Miss Pop aka the *kween* of all things nail art!

In the Zoom tutorial, Miss Pop demonstrated how to create lots of different looks using the colors and tools from the Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Color collection.  Before we could dive into all the fun designs we had to prep our nails, and learn how to correctly apply the gel strips. 

Clip and file

First, we had to do the clippin', before we could get to the color. Miss Pop informed us that the very first step in getting your nails to be on *fleek* is cutting them down evenly, and filing them into your desired shape.

A clean set of nails is one that contains clean cuticles as well. This is why we carefully pushed back our cuticles using the tool Dashing Diva gave us. 

Wash, cleanse and hydrate

Then we washed our hands and cleansed our nail beds with an alcohol prep pad. After that Miss Pop instructed us to apply the Red Therapy Base Coat because it's supposed to make the gel strips stick to our nails better. 

Apply, press and repeat

Finally, we started applying the gel strips! Miss Pop showed us how to do so many different *lewks* with lots of different colors and gems. To apply the strips all you have to do is take your tweezer and peel off one of the strips that fit your nail size. Then press it down and hold for about 30 seconds so it sticks. After that, using your nail file, file all of the excess parts of the strip off. It'll come in handy later for some *sick* designs, as we learned from Miss Pop. 


Reverse French 

One of the coolest designs Miss Pop showed us how to do is called reverse French aka the opposite of the basic French manicure you're used to seeing. To successfully complete this look, Miss Pop suggests picking your favorite color for fall as the base color, and a color on top that complements it well for the French tip. 


The half-moon is *def* one of Miss Pops go-to's, but it isn't as easy as it looks. You have to be *extra* precise with the way you cut the strip from the cuticle to get that iconic half-moon shape right. Miss Pop demonstrated this look on her middle finger, and it turned out perfectly!

She did a variation of a half-moon on her ring finger by making use of the excess nail strips from earlier in the tutorial. She cut out a triangle in an icy mint tone and placed it in front of the half-moon to add some *snazz*

Slant French

Slant French is *def* a look that's trending in the nail world rn. We learned from the tutorial that all you have to do is take a gel strip that doesn't fit on any of your nails and cut through it diagonally. Then proceed to peel it off of the plastic and onto your nail in that same diagonal fashion. You'll know that you're doing it right when you start to see a triangle forming across the tip of your nail.

Gem and topcoat

At the end of the tutorial, Miss Pop and the Dashing Diva team showed us how to finish off our *boss* mani with final steps that made our hands look *snatched*. The Dashing Diva team provided us with pretty gems that we could place on our nails, as well as a top coat to make them shine.  

Image: via dashingdiva

You can try out some of these looks for yourself by purchasing your own gel strips from the Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Color collection by visiting Dashing Diva's website HERE!


by Hayley Miller | 10/28/2020