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5 holiday gifts for the TikTok lover


Does your friend, sibling, or crush spend *hours* scrolling through their TikTok For You Page every day? (same, girl, same). TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms of the year, and we are here to help you find the perfect holiday gift for someone who is obsessed with the app! Here are five of the best TikTok gifts for this winter season. 

1. Charli and Dixie D'Amelio nail polish set, $75 

Pretty much every popular TikToker has created and released some kind of merch over the past few months, but this collab is *extra special.* You can buy the entire collection (which includes 4 bright shades designed by Charli and 4 neutrals handpicked by Dixie), or just one of the sister's kits depending on the preferences of you your are shopping for. These polishes provide the perfect manicure from home! And who doesn't want to be nail color twins with the TikTok queens themselves? Shop the polishes here. 

2. Mini ring light, $10 

This travel—friendly item will give your selfies and TikToks a bright glow. You can clip it right to your phone and take it with you wherever you go, so your TikTok—obsessed friend will *never* have to battle poor lighting again! Shop the mini ring light here. 

3. Themed stickers, $1 each

The best gifts come from the heart, which is why a custom selection of themed stickers with funny TikTok quotes and images will touch the heart of any TikTok junkie this holiday season. Redbubble has the best stickers in the game, and they are constantly updating their site with trendy pieces. Shop the stickers here. 

4. TikTok mug, $20

No caption needed— the mug says it all! It is simple, funny and an awesome gift for someone who loves scrolling through TikTok while drinking their morning coffee. Shop the mug here. 

5. TikTok Cookbook, $18 

With 75 of TikTok's most viral recipes included in this book, you will be able to whip up all the cloud bread and whipped coffee that your heart desires! This is definitely the most unique cookbook you will get your hands on this holiday season. Shop the cookbook here.

Will you be giving one of these fun gifts this holiday season? Tag us @girlslifemag on Twitter to let us know. 

Slider image: Redbubble 

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by Lexi Casazza | 12/16/2020