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A definitive ranking of every Netflix Christmas movie

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Watching a good Christmas movie provides the perfect amount of escapism that we've all been desperately needing, and Netflix has plenty of titles to choose from. However, watching a movie you don't enjoy just feels like a massive waste of time. We've watched every Netflix Original Christmas movie and given them a score out of 10, all for your viewing pleasure. Before you settle in for a festive Netflix binge, make sure to consult this scoresheet!

The Princess Switch — 7/10

Who doesn't love a good Parent-Trap-like plot? While the dialogue in this movie often falls flat, the holiday hijinks are very entertaining. Bonus point for all the Christmas treats Vanessa Hudgens character, Stacey, makes. After watching you'll be tempted to open your own bakery. 

The Holidate —  6/10

The Holidate has some genuinely funny scenes, but the whole movie feels outdated and predictable to the point of being boring. I'm a sucker for a fake dating trope, but everyone knows they're not dating, so it just doesn't make sense in this movie. However, Emma Roberts does have some great outfits.

Let it Snow — 7/10

I read Let it Snow in middle school and loved it, so I was excited to watch Netflix's adaptation. The book and movie are very different, but most of the changes made in the movie were positive. For movies like Love Actually, overlapping storylines make the movie feel exciting and faster-paced, but this is not the case in Let it Snow. The movie seems to drag on for hours and doesn't have very many memorable scenes. However, Let it Snow gets an extra point because the queen of romantic comedies, Joan Cusack makes a cameo. 

A Christmas Prince — 8/10

I would be lying if I said an undercover reporter falling for a prince isn't my favorite kind of movie. A Christmas Prince is the definition of a comfort movie.

The Knight before Christmas — 10/10

Two words: Poetic Cinema. How do you make a cheesy and predictable movie watchable? You create a premise so wacky, viewers have no choice but to sit through the entire thing. Come for a sweet holiday romance, stay for Sir Cole trying to figure out how to use an Amazon Alexa.

The Holiday Calendar — 6/10

The Holiday Calendar isn't great, but it has a lot of heart. Kat Graham, who you'll recognize as Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries, is a loveable leading lady. You'll root for her to get her life together over the holidays, but you probably won't remember anything else from this movie.

Christmas Inheritance — 5/10

Jake Lacy (pictured left) is essentially a professional "nice guy" at this point, so he adds a little bit of life to this Christmas movie. Overall, this movie feels bland and stuffy with one-dimensional characters.

The Christmas Chronicles — 8/10

Hollywood power couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are the perfect Mr. and Mrs. Clause. This movie is fun and whimsical and is anchored by Russell's solid comedic chops.

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by Elise Esquibel and Lexi Casazza | 11/30/2020