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Fans think Taylor Swift is dropping a *third* surprise album, and the evidence is pretty convincing

In case Taylor Swift's *second* surprise album wasn't enough to think about, there's tons of fan speculation that there's a third album coming out, called Woodvale. *Cue that one part of exile where she sings "I gave so many signs"*. Here's all the evidence we've found so far:

There's a hidden "woodvale" on the folklore album cover

On the "hide and seek" version of the folklore CD, there's a very hidden "woodvale" in the corner. While this does seem like it might just have been an accident, there's no such thing as a coincidence with Taylor (see: the willow art on the wall). 

If you search up "Woodvale" on Spotify, you get Taylor's profile

As Twitter user @fancysnaake noticed, if you look up "woodvale" on Spotify, Taylor's profile shows up. Again, this could just be a coincidence, but remember when Dixie D'Amilio showed up when you looked up Naughty List on Apple Music, even before the collab was confimed? Yeah, us too. 👀

It could come out in April or March

In the cowboy like me music video, the clock on the wall is set to 4:30, and April 30th (4/30) is 20 weeks after evermore got released. 20 weeks was *also* the time difference between the release of folklore and evermore. In a Spotify wrapped commercial, there's a calendar on the wall with a sticky note with the word March *underlined*. A third album coming in the spring? It's seeming more and more likely.

There's 3 cardigans and 3 color schemes with her merch

When Taylor released her holiday merch collection and then evermore, fans were quick to point out that the scrunchies had 3 different colors; red, green and blue, and the candle for folklore was red, while green was evermore, leaving the blue scheme unmatched to an album. In addition, she released 3 different cardigans, with the white one matching folklore, and the tan one matching evermore, making Twitter speculate that the third, gray, cardigan was for her third album.

Taylor's been using a lot of 3 emojis lately...

The last time we had 8 emojis, her eighth album, folklore was released, and when Taylor used 9, we got evermore, her ninth. Does her using 3 emojis mean that she's releasing a third album to follow up those two? 

Literally all of us right now:

What do you think? Will we be getting a suprise third album, or will Taylor finally let us decide what our top 3s from the past two albums are without having to worry about Woodvale? Tweet your thoughts and tag us @girlslifemag!


by Serena Sherwood | 12/15/2020