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This YouTube channel gives you the lowdown on glowing up (and growing up)

Trigger Warning: Disordered eating.

Alivia D'Andrea has been a well-established Youtube creator for the past five years. She used to be a competitive dancer, and her videos teaching subscribers on how to increase their flexibility have racked up millions of views. In October 2018, Alivia took her channel in a completely new direction and gave her subscribers an up—close and personal look into her late high school and college years with "The Glow Up Diaries." 

In this series, Alivia opens up about her previous years of struggle with negative body image and unhealthy eating habits. After dealing with weight gain and acne in high school, she began college in California determined to become healthier. She shows the highs and lows of her journey towards finding confidence and losing weight in a healthy way and includes *tons* of self-care advice for anyone looking to glow up in 2021. 

Like pretty much all of us, 2020 was a tough year for Alivia. In April she decided to pick up a camera, record herself getting back to a healthy place, and create a Season 2 of the series. Starting in a place of seemingly no recovery from emotion-driven overeating, Alivia shows her followers that it is okay to have bad days and to keep pushing yourself to make gradual and sustainable health progress. 

Be sure to catch up on Season 1 of "The Glow Up Diaries" and stay tuned for new episodes of Season 2 every week! You can also follow along with Alivia's adventures on Insta @aliviadandrea. 


by Lexi Casazza | 1/19/2021