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4 things we noticed in the To All The Boys 3 trailer

From the very first "Hey Covey" we've been head over heels for the super sweet story of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky. The three-part series is coming to an end this February 12, and we couldn't be more excited. Here are four things we noticed in the trailer that have us counting down the days to the movie's release. 

The Covey girls are headed abroad 

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We are *totally* jealous of the Song-Covey's and their spring vacay to Korea. The three sisters have always had an unbreakable bond and we can't wait to see them explore the sights of the city. Plus, how good do those cupcakes look? 

Lara Jean and Peter K are going to Prom together

Um, *squeal*! Peter's promposal to Lara-Jean is the sweetest thing ever, we're already "aww-ing" and we haven't even watched the movie yet. We know we'll be vicariously living our Senior prom dreams through the couple, and we *love* the sneak peek of LJ's dress. We're also suddenly craving pancakes...

Possible relationship drama? 

Peter K and Lara Jean have been our favorite couple since the first movie came out. Their relationship has had its ups and downs, and it looks like "Always and Forever, Lara Jean" might present a new challenge to the two lovebirds. Here's to hoping the two won't let a possible long-distance relationship get between their happily ever after. 

New York City is the *dream* senior trip destination 

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A senior trip with your best friends and boyfriend? Sign us up! As much as we don't want to see Lara Jean and Peter separated, we can tell Lara-Jean is really going to enjoy her time in the Big Apple and we're so excited to find out her post-graduation plans. 

Whether we're swooning over Lara Jean's fashion, the soundtrack to the movie, the amazing sister trio or all of Peter's adorable boyfriend moments, we can't *wait* for the third movie to come out. 

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by Abigail Adams | 1/16/2021