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Looking for the perf Valentine's Day flick? We've got the *ultimate* rom-com binge-watching guide

It's Valentine's season, which means it's time to queue up your trusty Netflix to indulge in the totally unrealistic, but infinitely entertaining world of swoon-worthy romantic movies. We present our definitive guide...

IF YOU LIKED...To All The Boys I've Loved Before

WATCH THIS! The Perfect Date

You know those nights when you realize you've already watched To All the Boys and P.S. I Still Love You approximately 1,000 times and you want to see them again but also need to watch something else for a min? Enter: The Perfect Date, guaranteed to fill the TAtB-shaped hole in your heart. Why? Two words: Noah Centineo. Stream it here!

IF YOU LIKED...Love, Simon

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WATCH THIS! The Half of It

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They're both LGBTQIA+ love stories (which the world can always use more of) and, more important, they're both movies that hit you with all the feels—good and bad—that come with first love and discovering who you are. Watch as Ellie Chu agrees to write a love letter for a jock, becomes his friend—and falls for his crush. Stream it here!

IF YOU LIKED...The Fault in Our Stars

WATCH THIS! All the Bright Places


If you like your roms with less com and more COME ON, WHY, UNIVERSE, WHY?, then add All the Bright Places to your watch list. Focusing on mental health and forgiveness, it has the just-right, powerful mix of heartwarming romance and heartbreaking tragedy that you're looking for on a good love-themed cry night. Stream it here!


Looking for a very specific kind of couple to stan on movie night? These pairs are forever in our hearts.

Patrick and Kat—10 Things I Hate About You

THE COUPLE THAT PROVED: There really is a thin line between love and hate.

Josh and Cher—Clueless

THE COUPLE THAT PROVED: The right person always brings out the best in you.

Gabriella and Troy—High School Musical

THE COUPLE THAT PROVED: Sometimes you just need to push past your fears for love.


Much like cropped camisoles, Uggs, low-rise jeans and matchy velour tracksuits, these iconic early-2000s classics never go out of style.

13 Going On 30

A little magic wishing dust turns awkward and nerdy Jenna into the 30-year-old version of herself in New York City. You'll want to be 30, flirty and thriving after watching Jenna *finally* fall for Matt—17 years after her falls for her. Stream it here!

She's the Man

Shakespeare's Twelfth Night looks a little diff when Viola pretends to be her brother and joins the school's soccer team to prove a point. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that her roommate Duke is dreamy, too. If only Duke didn't fall for Olivia (who falls for Sebastian...who is actually get the gist). Stream it here!

A Cinderella Story

Sam is working as a waitress in her evil stepmother's California diner to save money for her dream college when she promises to meet her online pen pal at the Halloween dance. Prince Charming finds Cinderella's flip phone in lieu of a glass slipper (ofc) in this cute remake. Stream it here!

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by GL | 2/14/2021