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Plan the *ultimate* stuck-at-home spring break

Spring break is the perfect time to stay home, sit back and enjoy the amaze things that we have right in front of us. Although we might not be traveling to the beach or singing and dancing at concerts, we can still plan the most productive (and memorable) spring break ever! 

If you're still stuck on your spring break plans, don't worry. Girls' Life planned seven days packed with self care, fun treats and mini challenges to get your week full of flavor and fun. Here's your guide to the *ultimate* stuck-at-home spring break!

Day 1: Plan that playlist + spa day

Set the tone for your all-about-you week—relax and re-energize by starting your day with your skincare routine and a cup of tea. Open the curtains, light some candles, and put on your most comfy outfit! Here's the fun part.... 

Go through your fave songs and create the ultimate spring break playlist to jam out to for the week! 

Day 2: Get artsy

Channel your inner creative by planning a day for expressing your inner self. Grab your markers, pens, paints and all the inspo... Collaging, painting, drawing, journaling—if you can make it, you can name it! (Don't forget to vibe out to your playlist!)

Day 3: Cook *all* the sweets

Has there been a certain dish you've been wanting to make or a cake you've been dying to bake? Today's the day! Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, share your creation with the fam over the perfect spring break movie. (Check out our movie list here!)

Day 4: Flip that closet

Let's take a twist on spring cleaning, and turn it into spring flipping! Clean out your closet with the intention to either donate, sell or repurpose. If you have a plain pair of jeans or a shirt that doesn't fit right, flip it into a more wearable item—you'll be *so* stylish after spring break. 

Day 5: Garden!

Spring break is the perfect time to get your hands dirty. Start prepping to grow beautiful flowers and yummy fruits and veggies in your backyard! Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while growing your gardening skill (and boosting your mood). 

Day 6: Vlog for the day

Become the influencer you've always wanted to be. Vlog your day no matter how simple. Show your morning routine, what you're eating for lunch or a new skill you've been working on. If you love to edit, make a YouTube video. If you love Insta, then vlog throughout the day on your stories. No matter what, get creative with it and have fun! 

Day 7: Backyard picnic

We're saving the best for last! Have a fresh and fun Pinterest-inspired backyard picnic with your fave snacks and Insta-ready cheese board. Add on a photoshoot for the best spring break pics!

Show us your cutest spring break pics on IG @girlslifemag!


by Allie Lijewski | 3/16/2021