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The 5 cutest moments in To All The Boys 3: Always and Forever

Netflix's best V-day president to us has been an absolute cupcake—fluffy, sweet and completely satisfying. To All The Boys 3: Always and Forever is the *perfect* wrap-up to our fave film franchise, and if you haven't watched it yet: what are you waiting for? Once you've caught up, swoon with us over the top 5 cutest moments in the movie!

Sister karaoke

"But the best part is spending time with my sisters."

The Covey sisters are always goals, and this is no exception. Shopping K-Beauty products, tandem biking, trying delicious sweets all while connecting with their mother's culture, we totally wish we were right there with them on that Korea trip. Plus, their rendition of "Fancy" would *def* make Iggy proud.

Pink couch afterparty

"You know, this could be us someday."

A party was so awesome, even Gen and Chris could set aside their grudges for a night. Lara Jean's first taste of NYC student life is straight out of a dream: leave a bustling party to steal back a pink couch and drag it into an empty subway car with your five friends—no wonder she fell in love with the city.

Staircase grand entrance


Chris is right—sometimes, prom can be a bit overrated. However, nothing beats that Yule Ball-Esque grand entrance down the staircase moment. Lara Jean and Chris look *stunning* here, leaving no crumbs and also no words in Peter's mouth. Jaw down to the floor.

Miss you a 12

"I'm gonna miss you a 12, Lara Jean."

Nothing better encapsulates our fave sister duo than this moment. Even though Kitty can tease and meddle at times, deep down she truly loves her sis, and will definitely miss her in college. Her comment was just the thing to heal a little of Lara Jean's broken heart and *absolutely* the thing to warm ours.

New chapters

"But, in real life, that's not where it ends, it's where it begins."

We've been on this journey with Lara Jean for so long, we can't help but feel immense pride at her graduation. There'll always be some bitter—leaving home, family and boyfriend on the other side of the country—but the sweet will *always* prevail. Lara Jean's adorable and sweet-hearted nature promises a bright future, and no matter what happens, she'll be in our hearts.

Always and forever.

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by Sophia Zhang | 2/18/2021