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The top 5 moments from the 2021 Kids' Choice Awards

We had the *best* time tuning into the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards this year. Even without the typical crowd in the audience, fans used Zoom to show their support for their faves (and to set a Guinness World Record). Host Kenan Thompson brought *all* the classic fun and enthusiasm we expect from the KCAs—and the amaze nominees, winners and stars didn't disappoint. Keep reading for our Top 5 moments of the night...

1. The first slime moment of the night...

We were so happy for Charli D'Amelio when she won Favorite Female Social Star—and couldn't help but crack up when she took part in the first slime moment of show. 

2. Virtual (and IRL) cameos from *major* celebs + role models

From Vice President Kamala Harris to Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Millie Bobby Brown and Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda, we srsly loved the celeb Zoom guests that arrived throughout the night...and, ofc, the slime moments to accompany them (PS: Guess who in that list above got slimed?! Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the answer...) 

3. The duos, trios and performances we didn't know we needed

Joshua Bassett and Addison Rae? That Girl Lay Lay, Jayden Bartels, Jules LeBlanc and Darci Lynne...performing together to BTS?! We heart how award shows can bring together allll our faves under the same roof and, yeah, we love to see it. (And, of course, the duos we already knew we needed, like Justin and Hailey Bieber.) 

4. The heartwarming fan moments

Even though the show had to be a *little* different this year, it gave us so much hope and happiness to see how the KCAs made the best of the situation. Fans got to present awards, vote in real time and even win a Kids' Choice Awards blimp alongside their family. 

5. The iCarly cast reunion

As we celebrated the best of the past year, we couldn't help but appreciate a throwback moment, too. If you grew up watching iCarly, you're going to love this—the cast reunited for the KCAs.

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Images: @kidschoiceawards/Instagram. Here's who got slimed: Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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by Katherine Hammer | 3/13/2021