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5 More Super Sleepover Ideas

Girls’ Life took 5 oh-so-fantastic teen movies, and made an entire evening of fun and food out of ’em. Go ahead, call your friends and make some plans!
1) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

- Everyone has to wear their very favorite pair of pants.
- Get a huge piece of paper. Cut out a pair of pants and have everyone write notes and sign it.
- Make some trailmix, friend-style: Combine everyone’s favorite munchy and mix it in a big bowl. Kinda weird, but sooo good.
2) Pretty in Pink

- Everyone must wear pink. Of course!
- Make your own bag. Sure, Andie makes her own clothes. But you and your buds should get some fabric and ribbons, string and needles. Sewing a simple bag is easy as can be.
- Put your baking hat on and make pink strawberry cupcakes with pink icing. Yum.
3) Say Anything

- Total pajama night all the way.
- Pick and share one song that you wish Lloyd (or the boy of your dreams) would play outside your window, and then make a mixed CD. Everyone gets a copy of at the end of the night.
- Make some brownies, a sleepover classic.
4) Grease

- Can you rock that back-in-the-day hair? Think Sandra Dee’s high pony with ribbons.
- Bring some spa materials and have girly makeover time. Curlers in the hair, manis and pedis. The works!
- Root Beer floats feel totally ’50s.
5) 13 going on 30

- Come dressed as your 30-year-old self.
- Make a time capsule to be opened when everyone at the sleepover turns 30. Store it someplace you’ll all be able to remember!
- Razzles, but if you can’t find ’em, any old candy will do.

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—Lauren Linhard
9/20/2008 7:59:00 AM