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GL's Summer Takeover is a virtual music festival—and it's coming to *you* May 17-21, 2021!

It's the ultimate sunny season kickoff...

...and it's all happening May 17-21 on Instagram @girlslifemag!

Imagine everything you need to glow up for summer 2021—right on your Insta feed. Yep, we're bringing allll the best, brightest and boldest content right to you with our GL Summer Takeover virtual event. So here for it? We've got you covered.

Tune into IGTV every day for showstopping musical performances, spectacular celeb hosts, chances to be featured, daily giveaways, confidence tips and tutorials and *so* much more. Plus, find exclusive bonus content from your faves (+ freebies!) on our Insta stories and TikTok all week long.

Hosted by Pressley Hosbach

Our June/July Girls' Life cover star is bringing all the best vibes...and we're so here for it!

With musical performances by:


Good vibes: "I'm creative, outgoing and energetic. I always have ideas randomly flowing—it can get annoying, because I seem to always have an idea when I'm doing chores!"
Songwriting star: "When I was little, I would also always be writing songs and coming up with melodies and things like that. So as I got older and deeper into the performing industry, the writing got more serious, too. Everything kind of went hand in hand with each other and I just loved it."
Be yourself: "Catch me performing my self-love anthem 'twinnin'' at the GL Summer Takeover. Today, there's so much pressure to sacrifice who you are for drama or views. My song is about staying authentic and rising above the noise."  

Elle Brightly

Spectacular start: "I was discovered at a music audition in Austin, Texas, and my career has been on the fast track ever since. Writing and collaborating on my EP has really helped me grow—music is my form of personal poetry." 
Perfectly passionate: "While music is my main passion, I also play volleyball, run track, study theater and am part of my school's cheer team." 
Dance it out: "I can't wait to perform my pop hit 'I Know Your Type' for GL's Summer Takeover. Be sure to sing and dance along with me!" 

Dylan Conrique

Stage star: "A few years ago, I had the opportunity to tour, and it really sparked me wanting to be onstage all the time. I had never really felt that kind of adrenaline before."
Advice for her younger self: "I'd probably say not to be too sensitive. This industry is super, super tough. When I got to LA, I was like, OK, I'm ready to act, I'm ready to sing. And when I got criticism from people I really took it to heart. Now, when I get a no, I'm like, OK, I can keep practicing, I can do better.
Can't wait: "Performing live is one of the reasons I got into music, so I'm so excited to do just that at the Girls' Life Summer Takeover and share my song 'After All' with all of you." 

Charli Elise

Creative content: "Dance videos are so much fun to make, especially with friends! For me, POVs have become a creative outlet. I take inspiration from my own life and twist that into a story that I want to share with my followers.  I think it’s just a really expressive art form," Charli says of her TikTok presence.
Social glow-up: "The best thing you can do is be yourself and make content that you enjoy, because it really shows through in your videos. When you’re making a video that makes you happy and that you think is super fun, it is gonna come across that way to your audience, and I think we all need a little extra positivity."
Beachy bop: Charli can't wait to rock out with her song "You're So" at the GL Summer Takeover—it's the kind of summer love song you're going to want to belt with the windows down.

Gabrielle Nevaeh Green

Sweetest summer: "I'm so excited to hopefully get back to the movies this summer—going to the movies is a huge weekend tradition in my family to relax and reset." 
Amazing advice: "I'm unique, loving, comedic and blessed," says Gabrielle. "To me, true confidence means doing what makes you happy, even if it's not what's trending. Be genuine to who you are." 
Positive vibes: "I'm going to perform my single 'Radio'—it's an upbeat, feel-good bop that will get you up and moving. I hope it puts a smile on your face to start the season." 

Sophie Michelle

Inspiring queen: "I love writing music—and I hope my passion can help inspire other young songwriters to just get started. You never know what you can do until you try." 
In-the-moment magic: "You know when you're meant to do something?" Sophie says of her life performing. "Being on set, acting on a show or being in the studio—it makes my heart really happy. I'm just thrilled to be doing what I'm doing right now."
So excited: "I've missed performing live *so* much, so I can't wait to play 'Someone Else In the Dark' for you all at GL's Summer Takeover this May." 

Ammon & Liahona Olayan

Family first: "I am excited for the new opportunities life has to offer us and the new experiences that are headed my way. My family has been my biggest support. It makes me want to push even harder because of the love they've shown me," says Liahona. 
Teen idols: This talented brother-sister duo stole hearts with their strength and talent on the most recent season of American Idol. "I believe that our music can help so many people, especially through these hard times," Ammon expresses. 
Relatable rockers: Ammon and Liahona are *so* excited to perform their original "Boom" at GL's Summer Takeover: "It's about when my sister and I got into an argument," Ammon explains. "We said some things that we didn't mean, and we were hurtful to each other. When we were thinking about what happened afterward, we realized we didn't want to be alone, and our hearts were telling us to apologize." 

Laura Pieri

Grow as you go: With a music career in full bloom and the world ahead of her, the Saõ Paulo, Brazil, native is all about accepting mistakes and doing what feels true to herself. "I was forced to look at parts of me that I wasn't comfortable looking at, and that opened the door to writing in a really wonderful way," she says of her hit "Grenades." 
Wise writer: When it comes to life inspiring art, Laura's open to it: "I'm really just fascinated by connections—friends, family—and not to get philosophical, but just the process of going through life. I love storytelling. All things come back to, "OK, but what story is here?" 
Summer star: "I'm so excited to perform 'Grenades' for GL's Summer Takeover and kick off summer with all of you."  

Coco Quinn

Sweet secrets: Coco poured her full heart into her recent emotional ballad "Secrets": "It was such a fun process to record. It's about a couple that's in love but he's keeping secrets from you and just acting weird. At the end, he writes a letter explaining why he's being distant and that he's sick in the hospital," she explains. 
Social media superstar: "I personally love it," Coco says of her popular Instagram account. "I love interacting with my fans so they know what's going on in my life. It could be different for other people, but it works for me." 
Happy hangouts: "We're going to start summer in the best way—together, listening to some great music! I'm super excited to perform 'Secrets' and get in our feels at GL's Summer Takeover." 

Erin Reese

Awesome advice: "Put your real life and your real situations into your music. I think it adds a lot of feeling and makes the listeners connect to it more.  I hope people really relate to my music—but also that they want to listen over and over again because it's so catchy!"
Lyric she loves: "This Rodeo rolls a little different 'cause there ain't no yeehaw," says Erin of her go-to line in "Hometown Heart," which is all about her balancing her LA lifestyle with her Florida fam. 
TikTok tricks: "Catch me performing 'Hometown Heart' at GL's Summer Takeover—and be sure to watch for the TikTok choreo so you can dance along after my performance, too!" 

Piper Rockelle

Life lessons: Reflecting on the past year, Piper's grown a lot: "I think more than anything, I have learned the importance of surrounding myself with family and real friends."
Favorite lyric: "I love so much about 'Butterflies,' Piper says of her hit original, "but it would have to be When I look into your eyes / You give me butterflies. It's such an epic feeling when you fall in love and just a single look can make your stomach flip and your head rush."
So much love: "I'm thrilled to be part of Girls' Life's Summer Takeover to perform my new song 'Butterflies.' Thanks so everyone for all your support and making it a success." 

Ladi Rosa

Great genre: "Recently I've been into R&B. It's slower, more intimate, and I think the slow melody and the beat is where everything all comes together." 
Happiness hack: "Be you regardless of what's happening in the moment. Even if you're super upset, stay true to yourself. Do what you need to do to be happy." 
Super sound: "'Personal Space' is a bit more mature than my past music. It says: 'I need you to be with me, I need you to be here, just love me for me.' I'm so pumped to perform it for you all." 

Jillian Shea Spaeder

Gigantic goals: "I want to do it all. I definitely want to direct when I'm older, but I also love acting and singing and songwriting. I'll probably end up switching around careers for the rest of my life. I've been so drawn to each one individually in different ways."
Awesome advice: "I think it's really important to be hardworking, but also not to get too beaten down by rejection. There are times when you're surrounded by people who all seem to be succeeding. That's when you have to keep your head up. It doesn't mean you're not talented if you're not in a movie or a TV show at the moment. It just means that you're trying and you're working on it—which is perfectly fine."
Express yourself: "I'm going to perform my brand-new song 'Lily' at GL's Summer Takeover. I love expressing my innermost thoughts through songwriting, and I hope you love it, too." 


Fire vocals: Scarlet's covered Tori Kelly, Frank Ocean, Beyoncé and more with her fierce and fabulous voice. 
Inspiring idol: After performing on American Idol, Scarlet left the show to pursue other amazing opportunities—and we can't wait to watch her shine.
Get excited: "Tune in to GL's Summer Takeover to watch me perform my song 'Waiting'—I hope you love it!" 

Featuring celebrity guests...

Skyler Aboujaoude

Skyler's going to be making her mark on our Summer Takeover with allll the inspo you need to have the best summer ever. She's all about authenticity and confidence—and we're seriously here for it. 

Amelie Anstett

Get excited for Amelie's fantastic, get-you-moving dance videos to our favorite Summer Takeover hits. On her top summer advice, she keeps it real about not comparing yourself to everyone else: "We live in these shells and there's nothing we can really do but accept them. It's about what's on the inside—what you can bring into the world and share with others. Work for what you want and do it for you. Go make your mark." 

Shay Rudolph 

Tune in for Shay's *amazing* advice videos—answering your questions on how to get more confident, finding real friends, the perfect morning routine and so much more. "One thing every girl should know this summer is that you don't need others to make you happy," Shay spills. "You have the ability to lift yourself up all on your own." 

Elliana Walmsley 

Stay tuned to our IGTV for a fabulous summer beauty tutorial, on-point advice and so much more from Elliana. "Remember to focus on the good," Elliana says about avoiding haters and bad vibes this summer. "The positive comments outnumber the negative ones."

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by Katherine Hammer | 5/16/2021