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10 throwback movies with the best summer vibes

Craving that summer feeling? A classic movie can take care of that. Nothing says warm weather vibes more than a film that can instantly make you wish you could travel to a tropical island, go on a spontaneous adventure or simply just spend the day at the beach. Cozy up with your favorite blanket and your BFFs—these movies are guaranteed to put you in the best mood.

Camp Rock

This is the ultimate summer movie that you can sing and dance along to. Mitchie is a teenage girl who wants to attend a summer camp for gifted teens. The only problem? The price is a bit too steep for her family. So, her mom gets a job as the camp cook to make sure Mitchie can continue to dream big. Secretly helping her mom in the kitchen while attending normal camper activities may lead to too many secrets in Mitchie’s double life. Did we mention the Jonas Brothers are in this movie?


Think of this one as the closest it gets to nostalgic princess movies without being a cartoon. Haley and Claire, two teenage girls, discover a mermaid who washed ashore after a terrible storm. The mermaid, named Aquamarine, encourages the girls to help her prove to her father that true love does exist in exchange for one wish.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Change is hard for anyone to accept. The same applies to these four best friends who have spent every summer together...until now. With Bridget in Mexico, Lena in Greece and Carmen and Tibby traveling, they stay connected through a shared pair of jeans. This is *the* summer movie to watch with friends. 

The Parent Trap

Separated at birth and reunited at summer camp—some may call that a coincidence. Twins Annie and Hallie discover the odd similarities they share and suddenly notice they are related. They’ll do anything it takes to get their parents back together so they can live as one happy family. You’ll be running to the kitchen to try Oreos dipped in peanut butter and wishing you had a butler to learn extravagant handshakes with.

Monte Carlo

Best friends planning a trip to Paris after graduation is #goals. They quickly realize their trip isn’t everything they dreamed of in their too-small hotel room and a tour that moves way too fast. Their trip takes a sudden turn when the paparazzi mistake Grace, played by the one and only Selena Gomez, to be a famous British heiress. The girls play along, even making an appearance in Monte Carlo at an event the heiress was scheduled to attend. Will anyone figure out Grace’s true identity?

Grown Ups

Five lifelong friends are reunited after their high school basketball coach passes away. They met up for a not-so-happy reason, but trust *will* be on the floor laughing. Take a trip with their families for the Fourth of July holiday weekend and discover what can happen if you pee in the amusement park pool.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

DCOMs are *always* a good idea. During a school-sponsored summer trip to Rome, Lizzie becomes friends with Italian pop star Paolo. Oddly enough, Lizzie looks identical to Paolo’s duet partner Isabella (who he had been feuding with). When he asks Lizzie to stand in for Isabella at a concert she agrees. But what she doesn’t know is that he’s using her to ruin Isabella’s career. It's a story of adventure, falling in love and a mistaken identity.

High School Musical 2

What time is it? Summertime. That’s right...the East High Wildcats are counting down the minutes until summer vacation—a feeling we *all* can relate to. Troy lands the perfect summer job at a luxurious country club owned by Sharpay and Ryan’s family and gets the rest of his friends hired as well. What Troy doesn’t realize is Sharpay is still looking for the perfect opportunity to steal him away from Gabriella. Will Troy’s relationship and friendships be able to last the summer?

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

An oldie but a goodie. The Baker family plans a relaxing summer trip at a lakeside resort. This movie will make you laugh from all the relatable family moments with 12 kids running around. You may—or may not—wish you had a 15-person family, but you’ll love the summer feel this movie provides.

Mamma Mia

Here we go again...another musical that’s perfect for those warm-weather vibes. Transport yourself to your dream vacay in Greece and live out your summer love story after watching this one. And if you can’t get enough of the stunning views, there’s always the sequel to watch after. 

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by Jaclyn Kaufman | 5/27/2021