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What your fave 2010s Disney Channel show says about you

From memes about Debby Ryan to superstar Olivia Rodrigo, 2010s Disney Channel shows def left an impact on our Gen Z culture. Especially with Disney Plus on the rise, almost every girl has seen and loved these iconic shows! We're sure you even have a fave! Keep reading to find out what your *fave* show really means about you!


Suite Life on Deck

Suite Life on Deck follows a pair of twins, Zack and Cody, who board a cruise ship and attend school there. During their studies, they constantly meet new friends who board their ship, explore new places and discover new things about themselves. If this is your fave show, you probably love to travel as well! Whether it's France or Kansas, you are always ready to take on a new adventure. Along the way you enjoy meeting new friends, while craving independence and time to spend on your own hobbies as well!

Dog With a Blog

If you are a Dog With a Blog fan, you probably love writing like Stan who has his own blog! Keep working hard on your passion because who knows, maybe you'll write for Girls' Life someday! Let's not forget—at the end of the day, Stan is a dog. Dogs are super loving and charasmatic and want to make everyone around them happy. You are for sure similar and that makes you ah-mazing at bringing people together for a common goal!


Jessie takes place in New York City as a small town girl, Jessie, moves to the city in order to live her dream of being an actress. She ends up nannying for a rich family and balances auditions between the job. If you are anything like Jessie you love to stay busy and you will never say no to anything. Plus you are not afraid to take risks and try something new, even if there is no Plan B! Your life is a little messy, but you love it just the way it is because you're all for a good time!

Liv and Maddie

Liv and Maddie are twin sisters who couldn't be *any* more different—but at the end of the day, they value each other and their family over everything. Just like these totally talented twins, you adore spending quality time with your sibs and parents, whether you're cooking a meal or having a movie night. Individuality is also very important to you, and you always aim to be unique with your outfit choices and hobbies. Your caring personality always shines through no matter what!

Girl Meets World

Just like BFFs Riley and Maya, you're energetic, imaginative and passionate about all that you do. You're constantly coming up with hilarious antics or brand-new bonding activities (roller coasters or game nights, anyone?). Plus, you're a true ray of sunshine and light up any room you walk into. This heartwarming show is all about the importance of having a strong, supportive network—there's no one you'd rather take on the world with than your friends and fam.

Austin & Ally

If your fave is Austin & Ally, you definitely *love* music, whether you're rocking out onstage or jamming out solo in your bedroom. Goofy and creative, you add a spark of fun to everything you do. You're also the #1 expert when it comes to choosing trendy Insta captions and curating catchy Spotify playlists. Most importantly, just like Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez, you encourage your pals to follow their dreams and always have their backs.

Good Luck Charlie

This show has *so* much humor and heart—just like you! You're wise beyond your years, and your friends know they can count on you to give *amazing* advice. Not to mention? You're the queen of capturing memories, whether you make a video diary like Teddy or write in your journal. Dependable and thoughtful, you like to help out where you can and inspire others to do the same. 


Our queen Olivia Rodrigo stars in Bizaardvark, so if you're a big fan of her, you are probs a huge fan of the show! You listen to Sour whenever and wherever. Also, much like everyone in the show, you are super creative. You love spending time on your phone scrolling through TikTok and YouTube. Maybe one day you'll even be a video creator. Let's not forget that you are super social and *love* to spend time with your BFFs!

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by Ariane Faro and Zohar Peleg | 6/23/2021