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Our top Outer Banks moments in honor of Season 2

Our favorite summertime binge is coming back for season two and we couldn't be more excited. We fell in love with the story of the pogues and the kooks and their crazy treasure hunt in Outer Banks season 1 and we are *so* ready for more of John B and his friends. To get ready to head back to the water, we're replaying our favorite Outer Banks moments in honor of OBX2. Make sure to check it out on Netflix on July 30!

Meeting the crew


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In the beginning of episode 1 our loveable narrator John B introduces us to all of the members of the pogues. It's clear that John B loves his friends and his funny descriptions give us the best beginning to our new *fave* characters. 

John B and Kiara's dressing room montage 


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We all know that any good show or movie has a dressing room makeover montage—and this has to be one of our favorites. Between the the classy clothing and friends-to-lovers sub-plot, this scene is one for the books. 

Sarah and Kiara boat scene 


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The two main female characters start the show as *total* enemies. We learn that Sarah and Kiara used to be best friends, but that they had a big falling out that made them practically strangers. Once Sarah starts dating John B, the two girls are trapped on a boat to work things out. #Heartwarming

Pope and Kiara kiss

Although we could barely decide whether we wanted Kiara to end up with Pope or JJ, this passionate kiss between Pope and Kiara pretty much made up our mind. We were swooning the whole time. 

JJ takes the blame for Pope 

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When JJ and Pope sink Topper's boat, ultimately leading to the arrest of Pope, JJ takes the blame so that his best friend won't lose his scholarship. We've never seen a truer friendship. 

John B finds the gold 

Most of OBX is spent in a high-speed scavenger hunt to find some sunken gold. The intense moment when John B *finally* finds the gold had us on the edge of our seats with excitement. 

The midsummer party 


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Between the floral headpieces, gorgeous dresses and, of course, the pogue's exciting infiltration, the scenes revolving around the mid-summer party is So. Much. Fun...BRB, going to check the mail for our invitation to this year's bash.

Rainy kiss scene 

We couldn't have this article without one of the best romances ever. John B and Sarah's passionate and rainy kiss sent so many sparks flying that it won the MTV best kiss award. Now that's some well-deserved praise. 

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by Abigail Adams | 7/14/2021