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Big Time Rush is BACK! Everything we know about their return to the stage

It's been eight years since we said goodbye to Big Time Rush, one of our favorite mid-2000s boy bands. The band, which is made up of four talented members (Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega and Logan Henderson), was formed thanks to a hit Nickelodeon show that followed the fictional stories of the four band-members as they moved to Hollywood to become famous. Not only was Big Time Rush a hit show—but the band itself was quite successful. BTR released three albums, toured the world and captured the hearts of pre-teens everywhere. Unfortunately, the boys went their separate ways shortly after the show ended. But we're in luck, because Big Time Rush is offcially back.

Earlier this month, fans of the band noticed that all members of BTR had changed their social media profile pictures to a red circle. When the previously inactive @bigtimerush account updated its profile picture as well, fans began to speculate that the band *might* be getting back together. 

On July 19th, Big Time Rush confirmed these theories when they posted a silly skit video (in true BTR fashion, ofc) announcing that they would be performing two special concerts together. The name of this short tour?  "Big Time Rush Live." 


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The Big Time Rush Live concerts will be held in Chicago and New York City. Even though the boys will only be reuniting for a few concerts, we are still thrilled that the gang is getting back together. Can't wait to see Big Time Rush perform again? Make sure to snag your tickets ASAP, because they're selling out fast.

And, reminder: it's the only life you got, so you gotta live it big time. (If that isn't motivation to buy tickets, what is?)

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by Paige Mountain | 8/2/2021