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Everything you need to know about the cast of Brat TV's Good Luck Have Fun

Calling all gamers! Brat TV has done it yet again with the release of its latest show, Good Luck Have Fun. The show follows teen gamer Jane as she struggles to beat her rival, Mia—all while crushing on the boy next door. Now that all episodes are available to stream online for free, we reccommend binging the series with your game-loving girl gang. Love what you've heard about Good Luck Have Fun? Keep reading for an exclusive introduction to some of the cast—we know you'll *love* them as much as we do.

Maya Abdallah

"I play Mia on Good Luck Have Fun. I think Mia is a very interesting character. She starts a lot of drama and is constantly fighting—but although Mia seems like a mean girl, there is so much more to her than you might think. She is actually really smart and caring, even if she doesn't always act like it. Mia and I are similar because we are both determined and never give up, but we’re also very different because I’d never fight with my friends over a boy. I really can’t wait for you guys to watch Good Luck Have Fun!"

Ben Ubinas

"Honestly, I think my character Brandon and I would be friends if we ever met. He's definitely a lot better than I am at video games, but other than that we're both just two guys trying our best. I had an absolute blast playing him."

Hannah Rylee

"I play Eleanor on Good Luck Have Fun. We are similar because we both have friends that enjoy gaming, but she definitely takes it *way* more seriously than they do. We're also both very competitive, but I don’t think I would take it as far as specifically targeting another person or team."

Aliyah Moulden

"I play Olivia on Good Luck Have Fun. Olivia and I are similar because we are both part of the queer community, but we're also very different—I don’t game at all."

Aislinn Rowan

"I play Kaylee, Olivia’s girlfriend, on Good Luck Have Fun. I didn't know who I wanted to be when I was 15, so I really admire that Kaylee is confident and has a strong sense of self. I also really like how supportive and patient she is!"

All images from Brat TV.


by Claire Hutto | 8/10/2021