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Heart animals? Here's why Star Stable is the girl-powered horse game of your dreams

Raise your hand if you heart adorable animals, fabulous gaming fun and *all* the girl power vibes. OK, everyone? That's why we're forever obsessed with Star Stable Online, the exciting world that gives girls the chance to write their own stories—featuring unforgettable bestie bonds, can't-miss new music and magical horses. (Sold? Check out Star Stable right here) 

Star Stable's celebrating their 10th anniversary so we invited our glowed-up girl squadAlexa, Kylee, Paizley, Joy, Kira, Skyla, Lilo, Kayden and Kaileia—to share their thoughts on Star Stable.

We've also got super fun quizzes whether you're seeking out a new soundtrack (right here!) or a creative career path.

Plus, we're giving away an unbeatable Star Stable swag pack (worth over $350!). Enter right here!

Alexa @alexa_grace_cheer

What's the coolest part of playing Star Stable? "Solving the quests. Each one is a unique and fun challenge. I love how the game is so positive and focused on friendships." 
Do you heart horses? "Yep! I go riding whenever I can. I hope to own a paint horse someday—that's what my mom used to ride growing up and they're so beautiful." 
Define girl power in your own words. "Girl power is about accepting people for who they are and cheering them on to succeed."  

Kylee @cheerps.lauren_k

Best surprise in your Star Stable swag bag? "I literally squealed when I saw the Celebration Collection vinyl record. I can't wait to jam out."
What makes Star Stable perfect for you? "It's so fun to get lost in the fantasy world—plus, I love animals sooo much." 
What's *your* dream horse? "A giant chocolate brown one. I would ride her, brush her and braid her hair every day." 

Paizley @paizley_steven

Are you a girl gamer? "Yes! A lot people don't think of girls as gamers, but Star Stable shows how wrong that is. It's so great for relaxing after dance and homework." 
What's one thing you love in the game? "The American Paint Horse addition, for sure. It's a cool way to roam free in the universe and feel close to nature." 
Biggest highlight of unboxing your Star Stable swag? "The headphones are a dream—they're exactly what I was wishing for this year. And the 3-month Star Rider Access Pass for a friend is a great way to pay it forward. I can't wait to surprise my BFF (shhh).

Joy @joytuckofficial

What does girl power mean to you? "It's about celebrating wins—but also helping pick your friends up when they're down. A kind, helping hand is everything."
Best part of your Star Stable prize pack? "The mug is sooo cute. I can't wait to drink tea in it." 
What do you heart about Star Stable Online? "The colorful aesthetic is *so* me and I love that I can create a magical and imaginative world." 

Kira @cali.kira

What do you heart about horses? "My horse Pepper is always so understanding, has a good sense of humor and endlessly fun to care for. Pepper is the best IRL horse ever." 
Coolest thing in your Star Stable prize pack? "The Swedish candy from Star Stable was sooo delish. I shared it with my best friend Makenzie to thank her for being awesome." 
What's your definition of girl power? "It means you can be anything you want! I'm super sporty and adventurous—but I love to get dressed up and go glam, too." 

Skyla @skyladisney_

What did you love in the Star Stable prize pack? "The glasses and hat make me look *so* swaggy. They're the perf accessories for my laid-back vibe this fall." 
Why do you heart gaming? "Gaming is an incredible way to connect with others and express creativity. Star Stable really does both for me!" 
In your own words, what's girl power all about? "Girl power means you live your life in a way that can inspire and empower girls around you. I strive to be kind, compassionate and positive." 

Lilo @lilobaier

Why do you love Star Stable? "I seriously play Star Stable anytime I can. I love riding my horse Luna to the notice board to look for new to-do items. The last time I played, I had three jobs—watering, feeding and cleaning the stables simultaneously. I was super busy making sure the horses had everything they could need." 
Best part of the game? "The animations are amazing. Everything's so realistic and gorgeous. I've also met a fantastic community of fellow players. If I ever need to ask for directions in the game, people are always ready to help and support. I absolutely love it." 
What's your dream horse? "A white or black horse that I could take on guided riding tours around the mountains and on the beach." 

Kayden @kaydengraceswan

What's so cool about Star Stable? "It's such a colorful and creative world—and a place where girls can be empowered to love gaming and break out of stereotypes and expectations. I feel like I can do anything when I play." 
Unexpected fun moment in the game? "As a horse lover, I honestly felt like I had a real horse as I cared for my virtual one. Plus the constant quests and chances to train your horse are so cool." 
Best unboxing moment in your prize pack? "I have an old-school record player and I was so excited to find a record I could play! I'll be listening to 'Celebration' as I drink my morning tea from my fab new mug."  

Kaileia @kaileiadixon

What does girl power mean to you? "Girl power means you can dream big and go after those goals—even if they seem impossible at first." 
Best thing about Star Stable Online? "Since I'm so busy this year, the game is the perfect way to indulge my love of animals. I love taking my horse on awesome adventures in the game." 
What can girls look forward to when they play Star Stable? "Get ready for spectacular quests, enticing challenges and *all* the happy vibes." 

What are you waiting for?
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by Katherine Hammer | 10/1/2021