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7 trendy podcasts to obsess over this fall

Ever get sick of constantly repeating the same playlists while studying, working out or on a long car ride? You could totally be in need of a good podcast to shake your boredom! There are *tons* of fun options out there to mix into your daily routine, and we've rounded up some of our personal faves. 

1. Pretty Basic


If you've been a YouTube watcher for a while, you will definitely remember the days of clothing hauls, Vlogmas and fall shopping at Bath and Body Works. Two of our fav O.G. YouTubers, Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz, are redefining their reign on the lifestyle community as they discuss topics like friendship, relationships and so much more. With new episodes released weekly, Pretty Basic is the perfect show for anyone curious about the realities of being an influencer or the ins and outs of friendship in the spotlight. Remi and Alisha have *all* the tips on how to realize the queen you are and they've even brought special guests like Ava Jules.

2. Drama Queens


Calling all One Tree Hill fans: this one's for you! If you've been obsessing over our Y2K queens Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis), Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer) and Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James Scott), you *totally* have to tune in. Each episode, the drama queens rewatch an episode of the iconic show. They decode the characters' relationships, discuss memories from filming and behind-the-scenes tea about the show. They even have special guests with the actors who played characters like Skills and Dan Scott. 

3. Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain 


If you're just as *obsessed* as we are with Emma Chamberlain, you have to check this out. Anything Goes is the perfect balance of deep conversations and getting to know a bestie. This show is perfect for long car rides and road trips with your besties. Emma dives deep into conversations about relationships, anxiety, mental health and so much more. She doesn't hold back with her thoughts and explores tons of relatable topics for everyone growing up in their teens. If you're curious about the ups and downs of being an influencer and the growing pains of being a young adult, make sure to tune in.

4. Girls Like Us


If you're busy missing your besties or obsessed with nostalgic YA books, this podcast is perfect for you. Exploring books like Pretty Little Liars and The Clique, Frannie Comstock and Sophie Krueger discuss different facets of YA fiction. New episodes are released each Monday and they even feature special guests like comedians and authors.

5. Broken Harts


True crime fanatics, we have found the podcast for you! This mini-series dives into the story of the 2018 car crash that left a married couple and their eight adopted children dead. With only Facebook to provide hints as to what would allow the two mothers to drive their children off of a cliff, this spooky podcast will keep you on the edge of your seat and binge-listening all night. 

6. Fun on Weekdays



TikTok star Jenna Palek recently launched her own podcast, which talks all about *everything* going on in her life including past college and job experience, current life as a social media influencer and even guest stars like rumored boyfriend Connor Saeli. It is funny, lighthearted, and full of big sister energy that you need in your life! 

7. Office Ladies


If you are as *obsessed* with The Office as we are, you absolutely need to add this podcast to your queue! Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, two of the show's stars, talk through each episode and reminisce about filming and share *all* the BTS secrets you never knew until now. New episodes are released each week to take listeners through the entire series, so you can listen along while you binge the show yet again. 

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by Jasmine Robinson and Lexi Cassaza | 10/11/2021