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4 lessons we've learned from The Baby-Sitters Club that will stick with us forever

If you've been scrolling through Insta lately, you might've come across a disappointing post that The Baby-Sitters Club has been canceled. We're here to let you know that, sadly, it's true—Netflix will not be releasing any more episodes of our fave babysitters' adventures.


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Although we'll dearly miss the on-screen versions of the stories that made many of our childhoods, we'll *always* have the past episodes, books and most importantly—the many life lessons we've learned from this heartwarming series. To honor and celebrate the impact this show has had on our lives, here are some of the most important lessons that the BSC has taught us. 

*Everyone* is dealing with something

From Stacey's struggles with diabetes to Kristy's family problems, *every* character faces a struggle. When Stacey hides her diabetes at first, her life appears perfect from the outside. And even though Kristy seems to have a big, happy family, she truly misses having a present father. Without showing compassion, perspective and understanding, the other characters would never be able to connect or support one another when times are tough. As we learn from the girls, it's *super* important to consider that everyone deals with something—even if it may not be visible. It's our duty to show kindness and compassion to everyone we encounter.

It's important to advocate for what you believe in

Throughout the series, every character has had to advocate for herself at some point (yes...that includes the very introverted Mary Anne). In season one, episode four, Mary Anne 'sits for a transgender child, and when the child gets sick, Mary Anne takes her to the hospital. The child is misgendered by hospital staff, and this is when Mary Anne saves the day. She speaks up and advocates for her right to be acknowledged for who she is. If we learn anything from Mary Anne (and, tbh, all of the characters), it's to speak up for what's right.

Reach out for help when you need to 

If we take anything away from the BSC, it's that even when you may want to take on a lot alone, it's crucial to reach out to your support system to make all of your biggest dreams and goals come true. Bc it's true—teamwork truly does make the dream work.

Don't give up on your dreams 

Most importantly, the BSC teaches us that as you achieve your goals, you will face adversities no matter what, but it's up to you to try, try and try again. Although the BSC hotline may be officially off, we're confident that the inspiring stories of each of the girls will live on forever. The BSC girls will continue to change the lives of many, sending the powerful message that if you have a dream, a vision and some help along the way, *anything* is possible.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 3/16/2022