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We found exactly what you should watch next, based on your dream travel destination

Stuck home this spring break season? DW, because you can still travel the world (from the comfort of your bed + trusty sweat set, ofc). Transform your staycation with the ultimate queue of movies and TV shows.


The dream destination: Greece
The watch: Mamma Mia!

The only thing that'll be stuck in your head longer than the gorgeous views of Greece are the impossibly catchy ABBA songs that make up the soundtrack of this classic musical about a bride trying to figure out which of her mom's former loves is actually her dad. We challenge you to sing along (what, like it's hard?!).


The dream destination: Singapore
The watch: Crazy Rich Asians

Easily one of the best rom-coms of our time, but the low-key love story people forget to mention is the one you'll have with Singapore by the time the credits roll (can we move into Awkwafina's character's house, pls?).


The dream destination: Paris
The watch: Emily in Paris

If your life goals include strolling the City of Lights, feel free to vicariously experience all the wonder by bingeing this Netflix gem, which follows an American girl who moves to Paris for a job in the social media industry (aka the setup for approximately 98% of our daydreams).


The destination: Rome
The watch: When in Rome

Take a love story, add a heavy dose of travel inspo, mix in a dash of magic and you have When in Rome. Kristen Bell stars as a woman who's in Italy for a wedding and ends up stealing several coins from the iconic Trevi Fountain—which just so happens to make the guys who threw said coins fall madly in love with her.


The destination: New York City
The watch: Gossip Girl

Usually a city is just a setting. Sometimes it's so important, it's a full-on character. Gossip Girl without New York City would just feel wrong. The series (the new one and the OG verison) transport you to the luxe life of the Upper East Side, which is covetable enough to almost seem worth dealing with all the xoxo drama...almost.


The destination: Monaco
The watch: Monte Carlo

This Selena Gomez throwback classic gives you all kinds of nostalgia (and fashion envy)—plus it'll make you want to plan a real-life European tour with your besties (hello, bucket list).


The destination: Los Angeles
The watch: Bel-Air

Peacock's dramatic reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is bingeable for its gripping story alone, but the stunning, sun-drenched settings will make you wish you could go live with ultra-rich Cali relatives, too.


The destination: Mexico
The watch: Coco

Fact: Animated movies can inspire plenty of travel envy, especially when the animation is Pixar levels of gorgeous. Coco will not only make you want to see the (IRL) sights in Mexico but, even more importantly, it will also make you want to immerse yourself in the country's rich culture. Win-win.


The destination: London
The watch: Sherlock

The BBC's Sherlock showcases the modern beauty of London in all the best ways. Ofc, bingeing your way through engrossing mystery stories starring Benedict Cumberbatch would be an A+ move no matter where the series was set.


The destination: Hawaii
The watch: 50 First Dates

Don't let the totally weird premise (guy meets girl, they fall for each other but—twist—the girl has no short-term memory, meaning the guy has to make her fall for him over and over again) distract you from the absolutely gorgeous, beachy settings. Let's be real, it's the spring break trip *you'd* want to relive every single day, amiright?

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Story edited for digital coverage by Kathleen O'Neill.


by Kayleigh Roberts | 3/20/2022