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Here's how to achieve your self-care and wellness goals for the best summer ever

After a long year of studying for exams, grinding out essays and memorizing math formulas (on top of maximizing your social and extracurricular schedules), you deserve a break, bb. And while sheet masks and DIY scrubs are certainly soothing, feeling good about yourself both physically and mentally goes beyond a bubble bath. Healthy habits like prioritizing positive relationships, being gentle with yourself and finding joy in the little things are all great ways of practicing wellness.

With this in mind, we're heading to Cal-a-Vie Health Spa's Mom & Teen Week from June 12 to June 19, 2022 (with our unstoppable celeb host Pressley Hosbach) for our 2022 Wellness Week. Join us from your living room or backyard for a virtual yoga class on Thursday, June 16 HERE, and make sure to follow us on Insta @girlslifemag for even more chances to hang with Pressley and the GL squad.

Check out the posts below for more on self-care, wellness and healthy habits. (Psst: Don't see a live link yet? Check back soon!)

🌟Enter to win our glow-up bundles starting June 13 HERE.

Fab swag bags filled with beauty, wellness, fitness and empowerment essentials: What's not to love?

🧘 Join us for a v. chill vinyasa flow HERE.

At-home yoga with Pressley Hosbach? Count us in. Follow along and find your zen in this feel-good flow.

🌱Start your day with these 5 plant-based breakfast ideas HERE.

Don't fret: We have *all* the tips to make plant-based eating easy, fun and delicious. Here are five yummy vegan breakfasts that you can make with items in your fridge. They will leave you feeling fresh to begin your day.


🤩Turn small talk into deeper friendships with our tips HERE.

We've rounded up four of the best ways to form deeper friendships—so you never have to worry about having a boring convo again. Bc what's better self-care than having your besties right by your side?


😍Create a more accepting body image for the summer HERE.

Social media trends wreaking havoc on your mental health? Yep, we've been there. There are plenty of ways to keep your mindset on track. Show yourself some love this summer with these five everyday essential steps!  


✨Workout with these 7 easy-to-learn beginning YouTube routines HERE.

From full-body circuits to pilates and yoga, YouTube offers a wide range of workout options that can be done right at home, often with little-to-no equipment needed. If you're looking to get on your healthy-girl grind this summer, look no further—here are seven GL-approved YouTube workout vids that are totally high-energy and perfect for beginners.


🥗 Follow our fave recipes that the vegetable skeptic in you will love HERE.

What do you do when the taste of turnips makes your stomach churn? It's time to get creative in the kitchen, bb. Even if you're veggies' worst critic, we bet these delish (and super easy) recipes will change your mind.

⭐️Discover how to start bullet journaling for a therapeutic getaway HERE.

Chances are, you've seen IG-worthy bullet journals on your social media feed lately. Keep reading to learn all of the healthy benefits of bullet journaling—and why you should escape to bullet journal paradise, too. All you'll need is some imagination, pretty pens and a little bit of inspo. 


💖Grow closer with your fam this summer HERE.

The summer is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with all the people you’ve been missing—including your family. Yes, you live with them, but how often do you actually spend quality time together? It’s easy to make fun plans with your fam that can fit into your and your 'rent’s or sib’s summer schedules with our suggestions.

🌸Learn how to cope with summer loneliness HERE.

It's normal to feel left behind as your friends pack their bags for summer camp or beach vacays. But you're not alone—though you may see Instagram photo spreads of all your pals having fun in the sun, *everyone* experiences summer loneliness at some point. Check out these ways to keep up contact with others and get yourself out of a summer slump.

😴 Improve your sleep schedule this summer HERE.

Creating a realistic and manageable sleep schedule can be, well, let's face it, a total snooze. After all, who doesn't love the fun of late summer nights spent around the campfire? We've come up with five foolproof ways to make sure you're enjoying every second of summer vacay—while still making time for a full night's rest.

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by GL | 6/16/2022