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4 sister squads you *need* to follow on TikTok

A sister is a built-in best friend, and TikTok sisters know that better than anyone. We all heart Dixie and Charli, the original iconic TikTok sibs, but this article has four more sister squads that are sure to be your next obsessions.

Niamh and Lara Adkins

@niamhadkins no looky @laraadkins ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ - Sunflower_Lyrics🌻

Looking for fashion content? This sister duo is just what you need. Niamh (@niamhadkins) and Lara (@laraadkins) are always our style inspo — nobody rocks a Y2K set like Lara or a clean girl look like Niamh. Because of the pandemic, these sisters had to spend two years apart, and their reunion literally had us crying (happy tears, ofc). 

Nadya, Ameya and Issa Okamoto

@nadyaokamoto #tigress ♬ original sound - fishwad

The Okamoto sisters do it all—activism, style, music and comedy. The oldest, Nadya (@nadyaokamoto), is the founder of Period Inc., a nonprofit that advocates for ending period poverty (AKA the high costs women and girls have to pay for necessary products like pads and tampons). Ameya (@ameyaokamoto) is the middle sister, and she uses her platform to spread awareness about violence against AAPI people in America—and she also has *really* cool hair. The youngest, Issa (@issaokamoto), makes a lot of aesthetic style and food content, with some trend vids sprinkled in. When these three are together, there is literally never a dull moment.

Kirsten and Erika Titus

@pepperonimuffin Finally doing this trend w @erikatitus ♬ original sound - Kirsten Titus

If you're looking for a duo that screams *chaotic,* you're in the right place. Kirsten (@pepperonimuffin) and Erika (@erikatitus) are sisters from Hawaii who always seem to get themselves in crazy situations that we just can't get enough of. These sisters are hilarious and total fashion icons. If you need a laugh and some fit inspo at the same time, this is the sister squad for you. 

Hasley, Hope and Halle Pitman

@thepitmansisters @La Rosalia ♬ BIZCOCHITO - ROSALÍA

If dance vids are your jam, drop everything now and give the Pitman sisters a follow. Whether it's to Rosalia, Nicki Minaj or Flo Milli, this trio will absolutely kill it. Hasley, Hope and Halle have a TikTok account together, but also their own individual profiles. Hasley (@hasleypitman) loves an aesthetic travel vid, Hope (@hopepitman) pulls an iconic fit together like no other and Halle (@halle.pitman) posts beauty content, vlogs and BTS dance vids. What *doesn't* this sister squad do? 

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Top and slider photo @thepitmansisters via Instagram | GIF via Giphy


by Aubrey Rhoadarmer | 9/2/2022